STaSIS Engineering Teams Up with Sportscar Revolution to Build 2005 Audi A4 Ultrasport

SPORTS CAR REVOLUTION (SCR) is back for a second season on the SPEED Channel. The first new episode airs this Saturday, Feb. 26, 2005 at 10:00 am. Again this year SCR has continued its close ties to SCCA as well as the SCCA SPEED World Challenge.

Brought to the network by the same producers of Dream Car Garage, Sports Car Revolution (SCR) focuses on the hot cars in the marketplace and what people do to make them perform at a higher level.

“Sports Car Revolution is about making your car work or work better. If bolt on, glue on, or add on parts don’t do that – they’re bling. Bling is not fast. Bling is added weight. So bling has no place on Sports Car Revolution“ said show co-host Tom Hnatiw

“SCR is about testing. A track test is the only way to KNOW you’ve improved your car. You don’t test on the street. Idiots test on the street. SCR is not for idiots.”

Hnatiw is joined on season 2 of the light-hearted, but informative program by recording artist Kazzar, whose new hit song “Fueled By Adrenaline” is SCR’s second theme song in as many years.

Also joining the duo this year will be Peter Klutt (Dream Car Garage), Jeff Lorriman (Pro factory driver), Sean Hyland (expert wrench and author of “How to Build Max Power 4.6L Ford Engines”) along with two ‘young guns’ Chip Herr of SPEED World Challenge fame and Kyle Herder who competes in Formula BMW.

Additionally, SCCA SPEED World Challenge drivers and crews will drop in during the season to discuss their race cars and what makes them go fast. Watch for appearances by Stu Hayner, Jeff Altenburg, Shauna Marinus, Stan Wilson, Paul Lambert and more.

Fast paced and in-your-face, SCR Joins with STaSIS Engineering and APR to build a very fast, but very refined, 2005 Audi A4 Ultrasport from Fred Baker Audi. Using ideas and components derived and developed from their SPEED World Challenge Audi Touring Car program, the guys turn a great little A4 into an awesome street/track performer.

Other elements of the show include an “At the Track” segment brought to you by SCCA and U.S. Air Force Reserve. This part of each show highlights the variety of ways for car enthusiasts to get involved in motorsports and take their passion to the track through SCCA. Kazzer teams with Sean Hyland and the guys at Sean Hyland Motorsport in the building of a ‘budget’ 2000 Mustang GT.

Kaz also teams with Jeff and Tom in driving some of the coolest street and track cars around. Meanwhile Tom and Pete show how to use a dyno to add horsepower to your car. SCR also goes solo II racing with Grassroots Motorsports Magazine in their SRT-4 and go to the Rolex 24 Hour of Daytona with the Grease Monkey Motorsports Porsche team. Season 2 of SCR also delves into the mystical world of drifting – a 240SX build-up complete with driver instruction and competition.

The second season of Sports Car Revolution will run Saturday mornings at 10:00 am (Eastern) for 13 weeks. Rebroadcasts can be found in the program schedule at

For more information, visit STaSIS Engineering at,, which will re-launch with the show on February 26. For more information about SPEED Channel and the SCCA SPEED World Challenge, visit and, respectively.

2005 Audi Ultrasport A4

Build up Log

Episode 1

The first step in our quest to make the stock 2005 Audi Ultrasport A4 work better was to hand it over to our resident race car driver Jeff Lorriman who benchmarked the performance of the stock A4 as it came from the Fred Baker Audi dealership in Cleveland. Colin Harmer collected the car’s performance data using STACK’s data acquisition equipment as Lorriman did what he does best, beat the hell out of the A4 on Dunnville Autodrome. STACK’s data acquisition provided us with a benchmark on performance of the Audi as it was delivered from the factory and from that base we were able to quantify the improvements that were generated as we changed and tested the car during each build up stage.

Episode 2

After establishing performance benchmarks on the Audi project car, it was time to get down to making this machine work better. The boys at APR got down to business installing a stage 1 ECU upgrade. The technology that APR utilized was simply amazing. For the chip installation, APR connected directly to the cars ECU through the diagnostics port and were able to Reflash the ECU, avoiding the need to physically remove the chip. The program was actually uploaded from the APR server via the internet. This is a great way for APR to keep track of all the pertinent info regarding their ECU installs because all the programming is stored on their servers. The chip provided a small upgrade in power without taking away from the drivability of the car.

Episode 3

Continuing the mission to make our Audi work better, we moved up another level. The APR boys installed a stage 2 package, upgrading to larger fuel injectors and further programming the ECU. The upgraded chip programming further displayed APR’s commitment to cutting edge technology. The programming features EMCS or Enhanced Modular Chipping System. This programming allows the driver to toggle through different modes on their chip, including chipped mode, stock settings, multiple octane settings and valet mode for power limiting. All of which is readily available through the car’s cruise control button, without interrupting the use of the cruise feature.

Episode 4

Continuing the Stage 2 upgrade APR moved to the underbelly of our beast and got down to upgrading the exhaust. They hooked the Audi up with a stainless steel dual exit exhaust.

Episode 5

With our Audi progressing nicely it was time to get a serious boost. APR got serious with a Stage 3 upgrade, removing the stock turbo and replacing it with a large APR turbo. The manifold also came out in favour of APR’s manifold upgrade made of inconel an exotic metal that will relieve you from having to deal with cracking and such. The plumbing to and from the turbo was also upgraded. To handle the extra power now being generated, the boys from APR installed a new heavy duty clutch disc, flywheel and pressure pate package.

Episode 6

With APR wrapping up their work on the Audi’s Engine, it was time for STaSIS Engineering to aid in the transfer of our A4’s newly found pep to the ground. The first step was a suspension upgrade which consisted of new Ohlins remote reservoir struts. These units, patterned after the Ohlins race struts do a much better job of keeping the Audi level in turns and thereby keeping the tires more firmly planted on the ground. Other components included Ohlins Adjustable Lightweight aluminum Dampers, STaSIS Double Digressive Valving, STaSIS Mounting Hardware, and Hyperco Linear Rate Springs.

Episode 7

Obviously with the increased go in our project Audi, we needed to counter that with a corresponding increase in our ability to stop. STaSIS employed Alcon Mono-Block 4-piston calipers mated to 13” or 14” Brembo floating race rotors. This package generates improved pedal feel and caliper response with 4 differential piston bores and utilizes Advanced Retraction Seal technology for the ultimate in caliper reaction time.

Episode 8

STaSIS’ attention turned next to the stiffening of the A4 chassis. They implemented an H-sport stabilizer bar only in the rear due to the fact that the B6 chassis platform is over 60% stiffer torsionally than the previous audi platform.

Episode 9

Rear LSD and Centre Differential work was up next. STaSIS installed their clutch-type limited slip differential. This LSD is preset for optimum breakaway torque and allows you to continue to put torque to the rear wheels despite traction issues or wheel lift. Next STaSIS installed their High Bias center Torsen Differential, converting the A4 from 2:1 to 4:1 allowing for an increase from 66% to 80% in torque distribution of the center Torsen.

Episode 10

Now that StaSIS had the power translating to the wheels, it was time that the rubber received its due attention. Andrew Kantor from Wheel & Tire Zone replaced the stock Dunlop 235/40ZR18 tires with a set of 255/35ZR18 ‘R’ compound Dunlops, maintaining the original diameter of the tires but increasing the width.

Episode 11

The Audi Ultrasport A4, although it resembled what first rolled into our possession, it had come a long way with the work of APR and StaSIS. Colin Harmer reappeared, toting his STACK data Acquisition equipment to gauge just how far our project car had come.

Episode 12

We revisited and celebrated Audi competition through the years looking at Audi Motorsports programs from past to present. We finished with the Audi SPEED World Challenge programs – the 2004 Championship RS6’s as well as an introduction to the 2005 Audi A4 Touring Car program.

Episode 13

We invited all involved to come and test drive the complete A4. The transition was astounding to those who know the performance levels of the factory A4. Then came the decals, detail and delivery of the Audi to Fred Baker. Fred will display it in his showroom in Cleveland, Ohio as well as showcase it at the Cleveland Auto Show in late February. The guys from STaSIS Engineering and APR, along with their suppliers, helped to document the conversion of a great little A4 into a phenomenal street/track performer.

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