Sticky Pod Tested at 174 MPH

September 10, 2005 – Bandimere Speedway – Morrison, Colorado

On a beautiful sunny day, the Sticky Pod camera mount was tested for its strength and durability and came out a clear champion. After years of use, the inventor, Tom Heibel, wants everyone to know that even at 174MPH, the Sticky Pod can handle anything you can throw at it. The proof is in their latest video. You can see it by clicking here, or visiting their website at: It is very impressive. When you see how fast this run is, you will quickly understand why the Sticky Pod is right for everyone.

How does it stay on? We asked inventor Tom Heibel how it works. “The Sticky Pod uses industrial strength suction cups to hold your camera in place. These suction cups are so heavy duty that you probably have never seen anything like it. The grip it provides is both strong and long lasting. It can make the most amateur enthusiast look like a pro.”

We agree. The Sticky Pod is destined to be around for a long time and will likely end up in your camera bag. After researching their product on the web we found several articles and all of them have good things to say. Just Google “sticky pod” to find these articles:

Tom’s Hardware Guide

Rainy Day Magazine

The Sticky Pod has already been in Automobile Magazine and will soon be appearing in Popular Photography and Wired Magazines. They are currently sold on their website or by visiting one of their resellers:

B&H Photo – East Coast

Filmtools – West Coast