Stratmosphere Holiday 2008 20% Off Sale and Contest

Stratmosphere is giving away an awesome prize every week for the next 6 weeks. All you have to do is purchase from Stratmosphere, Inc. directly and you are enrolled!

Use code “holiday20” in the comments area of your web orders or on the phone 1.866.533.1777(details below).

First prize up for week one is a Nintendo Wii console AND WiiFit game with balance board. The week one contest will end exactly 7 days from the start and then the winning customer will be chosen. After the first week is completed we will announce our prize for the next week. We will keep coming at you week after week! Contest details are available in depth at the bottom of this page.


Now is your chance to enjoy pricing never available in the holiday season, online or via our Toll Free line. You get a whopping 20% off any item (some items have been marked down even BEYOND 20%). Our only exception is StopTech brakes. We can’t advertise StopTech at that sale price here, so please call us at 1.866.533.1777 for your price.

Here’s how the sale works:

1) Remember this code, “holiday20”

2) Order online or call us Toll Free at 1.866.533.1777. You must present the code “holiday20” for your Stratmosphere discount on the phone with your order.

3) If you order Online, here is what happens. Your order will look like normal prices on screen. BUT…just type in “holiday20” in the comments area of the web order form. Your online receipt will appear to be full price, BUT we will process your order here at a your 20% off on your merchandise. A discounted invoice will be included with your fast shipment.

4) You are enrolled in the absolute best holiday contest in the USA automatically!

* Prior sales excluded. Limited to items in stock. Sale may be stopped at any time.

For official contest rules, please contact:

Stratmosphere, Inc

7920 Rae Blvd.

Victor, NY 14564