TKO Motorwerks Now An Authorized Dealer For Revo Technik

TKO Motorwerks is now an authorized dealer for Revo Technik performance software.

About TKO Motorwerks

TKO Motorwerks, LLC is an automobile performance tuning and styling firm specializing in late model European marques. Our staff is composed of high energy automotive enthusiasts that understand and use our products. You can depend on TKO Motorwerks to provide you knowledgeable advice, good service and above all the most innovative performance parts and accessories to enhance your vehicles performance and styling, while maintaining the drivability and reliability that the manufacturer intended. A TKO tuned vehicle is a car that has an individual character that sets it apart from the masses.

TKO Motorwerks, LLC was founded in 2003 with the intent to bring the highest quality performance products and services to the European car enthusiasts. TKO Motorwerks main focus is on increasing the driving experience of late-model European sports car through the sales, installation and tuning of aftermarket and custom fabricated parts for maximum performance. We only offer and install products that are proven to make a positive impact on the performance of your vehicle. Our fully equipped facility is conveniently located in Auburn Washington, just 30 minutes south of Seattle and Bellevue. Products we offer include custom wheels, performance tires, suspensions, exhaust, brakes, aerodynamic body parts and other accessories to customize your Euro. We offer installation of all products we sell; other services include routine maintenance and tire services.

About Revo Technik

We specialize in engine management systems for the modern motor vehicle. With over 150 years of combined experience, Revo Technik continue to bring you the very best in performance software and software accessories, all of which will be designed, manufactured and tested by the Revo Research and Development teams.

Using patent pending REVO (OBD-II Serial Port Programming) architecture, we are able to tune today’s modern ECU’s. It is the basis of all tuning at Revo Technik and provides the ability to have near infinite adjustability of specific tables. This allows more power to be extracted from the engine by combining control between the user and the ECU. This allows the user to manipulate tables. No other tuning company even comes close to giving you these abilities. Our serial port programming allows us to reprogram the ECU without ever raising the bonnet. It plugs into the diagnostic port and will rewrite the code in just over 10 minutes.


Volkswagen vehicles;

$499.00 for any 1.8T models

$399.00 for naturally aspirated gasoline vehicles (R32)

Audi Vehicles:

$499.00 for any 1.8T models

$599.00 for A6 2.7T, S4 2.7T, S4 4.2

$899.00 for RS6

All Revo performance software programs are switchable via the OBD2 port on your car using our SPS device. Simply plug in, select a program, wait a few seconds, remove the SPS and start the car. It is simple and there are no switches to alert of any modification.

Revo – Innovators of Serial Port Switching to the aftermarket.

$199.00 USD

This version of the Serial Port Switch (SPS 1) allows the user the ability to switch between different levels of performance via the diagnostic port. The user simply selects the program on the SPS, plugs it into the diagnostic port for a few seconds until an audible bleep indicates the program is loaded, and then removes the SPS.

$269.00 USD

This version expands upon the functionality of the SPS1 by offering multiple performance programmes that are octane specific, along with the added feature of the security program. The security feature effectively leaves the car inoperable until the SPS2 is reinserted and appropriately set. The car will not start even if the thief has the key. There are no wires or “boxes” that are easily defeated and the car will not start even if the ECU is replaced.

$349.00 USD

This version utilizes the same features as the SPS1 and SPS2 with the added benefit of having variable boost and timing control. This functionality allows the user to adjust the car to varying degrees of performance by changing the boost pressures from the turbo. It also allows the user to use any grade of fuel at any time without the worry of damage to the engine. It also can be adjusted to take full advantage of race fuel or octane boosters that are typically out of the range of any performance.

If you are unsure that performance software is really suitable for your driving style, or indeed if you are the enthusiast that would like to test the revo difference against other software manufacturers, we offer you a free 5 hour trial period for your own vehicle!* Our free trial software is uploaded into your vehicle by your local Revo dealer in a matter of minutes via the factory OBD2 diagnostic port. It is activated for you to drive and test for 5 hours driving time at your own leisure and convenience. When the 5-hour trial period expires, the software reverts itself back to the factory level of performance. No further visits to the dealer are necessary. Our confidence in this innovative product, allows us to freely demonstrate our software capability to you with the assurance of knowing that once tested, will convert you to one of the many people who have already chosen Revo software!

Please contact us to take your VW and Audi to the next level.

TKO Motorwerks

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