Two Guys Garage Takes on the GTI

For 16 years now, Kevin and Willie from Two Guys Garage have been tackling project cars, but this Sunday they’ll be doing something a little different. This week they’ll be taking on a 2013 GTI Autobahn edition.

Normally the Velocity Channel show covers muscle cars and other American cars, but on Sunday at 10:00 AM Kevin and Willie will be looking to double the power output of their GTI through the cunning use of air.

Along the way they’ll add a new turbo kit, intake manifold, exhaust, and some other goodies to get the car up and over 400 hp.

HPA Motorsports will also be featured on the show, so if you’re looking for performance packages, mention Two Guys Garage and you’ll receive special pricing.

You can watch the guys discuss the project that they’re calling… *sigh* “Pretty Fly for a GTI,” above.