Ultra Lightweight Billet 020 Flywheels Exclusively from Black Forest Industries

Exclusively from Black Forest Industries this Ultra Lightweight Billet 020 Flywheel is superior in strength and far lighter than cast versions. Currently this is the only billet flywheel on the market for 020 transmissions.

These Flywheels start life as a rectangular block of milled 4140 steel, they are forged to size by essentially smacking them with a large flat mass, and then machined into final shape. Why is this better? Well the metal has very uniform characteristics and is free of voids, occlusions or debris that is possible with casting. The steel is stronger and more uniform than a cast counterpart. And unlike most flywheels, this is one single piece in its entirety. There is no press-on ring gear, it is an integral part of the metal itself – it will never rattle or come apart.

Free up more horsepower and rev faster with this straightforward and cost effective upgrade. More information can be found at the BFI website HERE.

Black Forest Industries