Unitronic Golf R Turbo-Back Exhaust System

Unitronic is pleased to present its 3” Turbo-Back Exhaust System for the MK6 Golf R (2012-13). Featuring TIG welded T304 Stainless Steel CNC mandrel bent construction, stainless steel corrugated flex section, high flow 200-cell metallic catalytic converter, and a straight-through, free flowing design; Unitronic’s Turbo-Back Exhaust Systems are designed to remove the factory exhaust restrictions to unleash the full potential of the 2.0 TFSI engine.


Like all of Unitronic’s Performance Exhaust Systems, a unique v-band fastener system, using T316 Stainless Steel flanges was utilized to ensure a leak proof connection every time. This is achieved through a locking ring on all Unitronic v-band flanges to guarantee a centric alignment of the two flanges. Unitronic’s Golf R Turbo-Back Exhaust System features a high density, high temperature glass fiber muffler packing, and stamped Unitronic logo. These attributes combined ensure maximum performance, while maintaining a comfortable and unobtrusive tone inside the cabin. Exiting at the rear, exhaust gasses pass through dual 4” slash cut tips and engraved with the Unitronic logo.



The Unitronic Golf R Turbo-Back is now available on our product page along with all of our hardware and software offerings.

Price: $ 1849.99

Unitronic 3” Golf R Downpipe w/ Resonator
Unitronic 3” Golf R Mid-Pipe
Unitronic 3” Golf R Muffler Section
Unitronic 3” V-Band Exhaust Clamps (4x)
Unitronic 3” V-Band Sealing Rings (4x)
Unitronic 3” Adapter Link

For more information, be sure to contact your local Authorized Unitronic Dealer to get yours now!