Versatile Automotive Diagnostics Announces New VAD Mobile Wireless

July 16, 2008, SURREY BC. Versatile Automotive Diagnostics (VAD) is proud to announce the addition of “VAD Mobile Wireless” to their line of aftermarket VW/Audi specific diagnostic tools.

VAD Mobile Wireless expands on the concept that has made the VAD brand so successful; packaging powerful high level diagnostic functionality with portability and convenience.

With new VAD Mobile Wireless, the user is no longer confined to the cabin of the vehicle with the traditional OBD-II cable. Now, an OBD-II adapter equipped with Bluetooth® wireless technology is used in conjunction with a PDA or Smartphone to communicate with on board computers.


Not only does VAD Mobile Wireless offer increased flexibility and portability, it is also able to communicate with the latest CAN-Bus equipped VW and Audi vehicles up to 2008 model year. These newer (post 2004) models rely heavily on a faster and more advanced communication system that cannot be completely accessed with the original VAD Mobile product. With VAD Mobile Wireless operating over the Bluetooth wireless network, all ECU’s can now be accessed and navigation and sampling rates are faster than ever before.


The updated diagnostics software features an improved user interface, hundreds of new fault codes, and an up to date vehicle data base; allowing users to perform the newest basic settings, long coding and adaptation procedures. A new quick scroll features makes it easier to navigate while logging multiple measuring blocks, and more detailed parameters for each measuring block have been added.

As an added feature, with VAD Mobile Wireless, you now have access to two additional software modules: OBD-II diagnostics and a specialized Print module (sold separately).

The OBD-II universal software supports both PWM and VPW J-1850 protocols, including all European, Asian, and Domestic models up to 2008.

The Print software allows the user to print pre-formatted reports wirelessly from their diagnostic device direct to an IrDA equipped laser printer. These reports include DTC scans, Readiness reports, and data logs both in list and graphical format.

VAD Mobile Wireless: No laptop, No Cable, Pure Convenience…

For more information, please visit or call 604.598.8520.