VF-Engineering Release New Line of A5 VW/Audi Engine Mounts

VF-Engineering is proud to announce the release of its new line of Volkswagen/Audi Mk5 chassis-based engine mount kits.

OEM engine mounts are designed to provide a very comfortable drive. The main drawback to this design (at least as far as the enthusiast is concerned) is the large amount of engine movement allowed under torque load and on hard acceleration. This engine “slop” greatly decreases stability and composure under high performance driving conditions and rapid gear selection. It also hinders the effective transfer of engine power to the driving wheels. And what’s the point of extra power if you can’t get it to the ground?

VF-Engineering has designed and manufactured complete engine mount replacement sets for VW’s Mk5-based chassis (including most Audi derivatives). The kits contain molded, high-durometer polyurethane inserts paired with billet aluminum mounts and supplied with the highest tensile hardware available. VF chose billet aluminum for its superior tensile strength compared to cast aluminum. Simply put, your stock mounts can snap before VF’s even bend. Fitting is straightforward and the results are truly noticeable – in fact, we guarantee you’ll feel the difference!

VF-Engineering offers replacements for all three Mk5 engine mounts (pendulum, side and trans) and applications include 4, 5, and 6-cylinder versions of the GTI, Jetta, Rabbit, GLI, and Audi A3.

Retail price is $200 per mount and each is in stock and available through VF-Engineering or any of its many distributors around the globe.

For more info please visit www.vf-engineering.com