VF-Engineering S/C Kit For R32

VF-Engineering is proud to announce the release of its flagship Volkswagen product: the R32 Supercharger Kit. VF-Engineering is the first to develop and build a supercharger kit with true OEM quality and drivability. It is also the first truly do-it-yourself and reversible conversion kit using the famous “bullet proof” Vortech Engineering supercharger unit. The main feature of the design of this supercharger kit is the simplicity with which it can be bolted on. The kit is supplied with every part needed to get your car up and running supercharged on the same day.

The R32 is a special model, a derivative of the early VR6 engine from the 1990’s, which has evolved from the 12v cylinder head to 24v, as well as a capacity increase from 2.8 to approx 3.2 liters. With the increased compression, this motor now achieves a base power of 240hp – up from the original VR6’s 170hp. The VF-Engineering supercharger conversion adds almost 80hp to the R32 and we expect even greater power with an air-to-air high-flow front mount intercooler (currently under test).

Although similar to the European model, the US R32 model has proven to be a challenge to tune with low quality gasoline. After three months of development, VF-Engineering (in conjunction with GIAC) has completed an OEM-quality system, which raises the already powerful R32’s horsepower by an astounding 36% at the wheels! All testing and development was performed with California’s 91 Octane gasoline and the dyno numbers reflect this. In tests using higher-octane gasoline, power output increased by an additional 5%.

Performance, reliability and stock feel are major criteria in the extensive R&D carried by VF-Engineering in Europe and the USA. The custom proprietary VF.GIAC software supplied with this kit safely re-aligns all fuelling and engine management parameters. Unlike other forced induction solutions, VF-Engineering’s kit is designed to work safely within Volkswagen’s OEM parameters, thus eliminating any spurious DTCs (Diagnostic Trouble Codes) or Check-Engine Lights.

Another unique advantage of all VF-Engineering products is its (optional) 3-year unlimited mileage warranty coupled with lifetime software support and world-renowned customer service.

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