Video: 776hp Volkswagen Golf R

When Volkswagen announced its R model for the sixth generation Golf, opinions varied.  Some did not like that it no longer utilized Volkswagen’s 3.2L VR6, while others were excited by the pairing of the 2.0 TFSI and 4motion in a Golf chassis.  Exelixis Motorsport, the Romanian shop that built this Golf R, probably falls into the latter of those two camps.  Utilizing a Precision 6262 Turbo paired to a completely built 2.0 TFSI, their Golf R makes 776hp and 504ft-lbs of torque at 3.0 bar (43.5psi) of boost on race fuel.

The video is a combination of car porn and interview, with who we assume to be the builder detailing most of what has been installed on the car to let it achieve its high power figure.  Breaking up the build detail, the car does gets a bit of a workout on what looks to be a karting track with some quick pulls, but unfortunately there is none of the tire smoke or wheelspin that we have become accustomed to in similar videos.


On the inside, the interior looks to be completely retrimmed in alcantara and has had the factory front and rear seats replaced with four Recaro Sportster CS buckets.  Other modifications include BBS CH-R wheels, an Alcon Big Brake Kit, a more aggressive suspension setup and a very large Mishimoto Intercooler.

Let us know if you think 776hp is enough for a Golf R in the comments below.