VisualArts Announces “Dubbed” DVD

Sean Porter and the crew at VisualArts have put together a DVD documentary on the Volkswagen car scene and the lunacy that often goes with it as seen through the eyes of a few long-term early watercooled VW owners. What makes this DVD unique is the honesty and personal approach to this film going beyond a mere documentary/interview format and interweaving some of the more unique aspects of the VW scene found at shows like Dubwars at Buttonwillow, California. Overall this is a well-done piece and worthy of any Dub-head video collection.

VisualArts is excited to announce the long awaited release of Dubbed, a documentary on the Volkswagen/Audi car culture as filmed at the 2004 Dubwars event in Buttonwillow, CA. The film takes a dramatic departure from the standard issue highlight films currently in the import scene by focusing on what drives the tuning world; the people. Dubbed delves into the more complex reasons of just why people drive, modify, and love their Volkswagens and Audis. Shot on location, the video documents a few diehard early VW owners histories and their experience at the event.

Missing until now in the realm of automotive films is a film that blends both reverent opinions and rich cinematography. While all may not agree with the opinions expressed by the somewhat animated characters and cast throughout the film, the honesty is what makes the film genuine. Dubbed unapologetically portrays the people who endure the tough love that is often dealt with owning older makes of this famous marquee. The film shifts fluidly from hitting the hard points of what binds all Volkswagen/Audi owners together and the humor required to keep those convictions honest. While the cars may be the passion, it’s the people that bring them to life. Not much is sacred when the characters are asked to be themselves and are given an open microphone – and maybe a beer or two.

For this same reason be forewarned, this film contains some rather harsh language and is not suitable for all ages.

This is Sean Porter’s first feature documentary, though he has been producing independent film and videos in the Seattle area for the last eight years. Sean is also an avid Volkswagen owner, which lends him the unique perspective to reach out to drivers and tuners. Special thanks to tuning powerhouses, Revo Technik, TJM Motorsports and HPA Motorsports which made this film possible.

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