Vivid Wonders Announces Check Temp2

Check Temp2 is an ingenious yet simple device that senses the inner and outer temperature and, as an optional feature, also the ambient humidity. Moreover, the system can be interfaced with the vehicle air conditioner: you thus preset the desired temperature inside the car and the Check Temp2 controls automatically the operation of the compressor both during cooling and heating.

Check Temp2 is very easy and versatile since its installation: conceived to perfectly fit the Volkswagen Golf fourth series dashboard, it can be instead easily adapted to any vehicle with the included support and frame. Furthermore, with just a simple touch of the command switches, the display changes color, from amber, to blue, to green thus perfectly integrating with the style of illumination of the on-board instrumentation. The easy use allows to access useful information at any time during the trip, such as the inner and outer temperature, expressed in degrees celsius or farhenheit with one decimal digit, and, as an option, the inner relative humidity. Moreover, to warn the driver that the road could be icy, Check Temp2 automatically emits three short accoustic signals and displays on the screen the ice symbol when the outside temperature drops below the prefixed value.

One of the most interesting features of the Check Temp2 is the climate control: by connecting it to the manual air conditioner and selecting on the display the desired temperature, Check Temp2 engages and disengages automatically the compressor thus keeping constant and pleasant the ambient inside the car.

This kit is now on sale for $75. You may make a purchase and read more in on this kit HERE.