VividWonders MKII Upgraded Ground Wire Kits

MKII Upgraded Ground Wire Kits


These are a direct bolt-on replacement for the factory ground cables/straps, as well as the main alternator harness. The insulation jacket on the cable is black, and looks almost factory. The kits are comprised of 4-gauge welding cable to provide high flexibility with maximum conductivity compared to common battery cable.


Quality 4-gauge tin-plated copper .067″ thick ring terminals are permanently affixed to the cable ends using a hydraulic crimping tool. Wire of this size cannot be crimped correctly without a special crimper. Our terminals are crimped using a hydraulic terminal crimper designed by one of the world’s foremost electronics companies. This crimper creates air-tight connections that will never come off. Having a gas-tight connection allows for zero corrosion at the point of crimp.


The wire itself is 30-gauge (class k) flexible soft-drawn electrolytic copper. Kraft paper separates the Excelene, a special thermosetting compound, from the bare copper. Excelene (the outer rubber-like insulation) resists oil, burning, abrasion, and cold weather.


The battery terminals are a generic lead terminal allowing the customer the ability to change terminal type in the future without having to purchase another set of cables.


Obviously, this wiring is overkill for a 12V automotive electrical system – but that is the point right? The electricity will follow the path of least resistance, so upgrading the wiring will increase the ability to provide maximum power to your electrical accessories and engine.


Potential benefits of upgrading your ground wiring:


– The car will generally run better and accelerate quicker

– Reduce heat and current and increase voltage potential

– More spark

– Less drain on the battery

– Less work for the alternator

– Better gas mileage

– Smoother performance

– Improved lighting and accessory function

– Improved charging

– Lower levels of RF/EMI noise in your audio system

– Cheap and easy peace of mind


Each kit will include:


– Ground strap from motor to firewall

– Ground strap from transmission to body

– Ground strap from battery to body

– Ground strap from hood to body

– Alternator/Charging harness

– Starter to battery cable

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