VW DriverGear T-shirt Design Contest Extended One Week

We are giving a shout out to all designers who think they have what it takes to design a t-shirt worthy of the VW logo. So take a drive, get inspired, and design a t-shirt that expresses your v-dub luv. Express your v-duboriginality T-Shirt Design Contest started April 13th and now runs to May 22nd (originally May 15th), 2009. It’s an open road for your creative style. Just keep it clean and respect the VW logo. If your selected the winner, you will receive a super cool electric Razor Scooter, have major bragging rights and your design will be made into t-shirts and sold on-line to thousands of v-dub lovers! The people want – cool t-shirts. To submit your design and view the Contest Rules, please go to www.drivergear.vw.com.