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European Event Coverage: Osterholz Treffen
By by: Brad Beardow, Photos by Patrick Hille
Apr 6, 2005, 21:25

The European 2005 VW/Audi show and treffen season is finally upon us, and no doubt this means we North Americans will get a glimpse at what new styles and technologies will take the European continent by storm. Like it or not, what's happening across The Pond is bound to make it over here at one point or another, so pay attention if you're keeping score.

VWvortex is pleased to announce we're partnering with VWHome.de in providing our readers the very latest and greatest coverage of some killer Euro events for 2005. Some will be huge, and others will be but mere informal GTGs, but the point is that we hope to provide an unparalleled slice of the Euro show scene for those of you unable to see such things for yourself.

First up is coverage of the Osterholz Treffen which took place on April 3 in Northern Germany.

According to Patrick Hille of VWHome.de, more than 400 cars attended the treffen. While accommodations and over all organization could have been better, at least the weather was spectacular (no guarantee in northern Germany this time of the year).

We'll bring you more coverage of upcoming Euro events, so please keep an eye out.

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