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2014 24 Hours of Nürburgring: VAG Team-by-Team Results

posted by on 24 June 2014 in Motorsport News

nurburgring vw 600x300

It’d been less than a week since the 24-hours of Le Mans when cars hit the track at the 24 Hours of Nurburgring. All that said, the two races couldn’t be further apart. While Le Mans features grandiose factory hospitality fortresses and F1 drivers as flag wavers, the Nurburgring is more for the masses. Barbecue […] More…

Choice Gear: Volkswagen & Audi BTCC Coloring Pages, Presumably for the Kids

posted by on 4 June 2014 in Motorsport News

btcc vw 600x300

One of our favorite niche blogs is a UK effort known as Racing Colour. The blog is a dedicated space for a very singular purpose, and that is spreading racing enthusiasm through the act of coloring. Effectively, it’s a place where you can download pictures of racecars made specifically in black and white line format […] More…

Event Report: Worthersee 2014

posted by on 2 June 2014 in Events Coverage

worthersee cover 600x300

In 1939, Ferdinand Porsche purchased a summer home on the southern shore of Lake Worthersee, Austria. His grandson Ferdinand Piech still lives in the home, venturing to Reifnitz each May for an annual gathering of car enthusiasts. Yes, this is that Ferdiand Piech and yes, he goes to that car show named for the lake. […] More…

Worthersee 2014 Photo Gallery: Day 13

posted by on 28 May 2014 in Events Coverage

2014 Worthersee Day 14 VW296 600x300

As promised, our Worthersee coverage is back up and running with one last flourish. With Si Gray on his way back to the UK, it was now time for an American perspective. I landed this morning in Munich, grabbed the keys to a new S1 that Audi was kind enough to loan us and headed […] More…

Worthersee 2014 Photo Gallery: Day 12

posted by on 25 May 2014 in Events Coverage

2014 worthersee si gray day 12 283 600x300

UK contributing photographer Si Gray has now left the building… or at least he’s left Worthersee and is headed home to the UK by way of Italy and a few other key places he says he wants to visit on the continent. You see, the atmosphere is changing in Worthersee and the presence is going […] More…

Worthersee 2014 Photo Gallery: Day 11

posted by on 23 May 2014 in Volkswagen News

2014 Worthersee Day 11 Si Gray 401 600x300

UK contributor Si Gray reports that over a week into the experience that is Worthersee, the transition is beginning to happen. It’s not that anyone flips a switch, but at some point the event goes from laid back albeit gigantic gathering to equally gigantic party. The tone changes and so too do the attendees and […] More…