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H&R Springs Announces Project Golf R

posted by on 20 February 2015 in Aftermarket & Industry News

hr porject golf r 600x300

R you ready?  The new Golf R is here!  0 to 60 in 4.9 seconds – this hot hatch doesn’t hold back. Our project builders took this already sporty Golf R and gave it an even more aggressive look with a set of H&R Sport Springs, which lowered the chassis a solid 1.0” front and […] More…

H&R Golf 7 at SEMA

press release by on 15 November 2013 in Aftermarket & Industry News

003 hrsprings golf7 600x300

Roland and the gang at H&R Springs have put their touches on the new Golf 7 for this years SEMA show in Las Vegas. Check out all the photos and grab yourself a new desktop wallpaper… More…

H&R Springs Jetta SportWagen

press release by on 17 July 2013 in Aftermarket & Industry News

00 hrsprings vwsportwagen 600x300

German sport wagens always get our blood pumping and the boys at H&R Springs have put together a very nicely modded version that we’d love to put in our garage. More details and fully photos after the jump! More…

H&R Springs Golf 7 Program

press release by on 26 October 2012 in Aftermarket & Industry News

hadnr golf 7 600x300

H&R Springs is already on top of the new Golf 7 with suspension, sway bars, Trak+ spacers and more… More…

H&R Springs Volkswagen Golf R

press release by on 18 October 2012 in Aftermarket & Industry News

019 hrsprings golfr 600x300

H&R Springs has put together a Golf R with BBS Super RS wheels, brake rotor upgrades and their signature coilover suspension. More photos after the jump… More…