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USP Presents 3” Stainless Downpipes for the MK7 Golf R

posted by on 9 October 2015 in Aftermarket & Industry News

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USP Motorsports is pleased to announce our full 3″ stainless steel downpipe for the Volkswagen MK7 Golf R. Available in either a catted or catless configuration, users can expect to see gains of 20-30whp and 20-30wtq especially when combined with software. Constructed of full 3” stainless steel tubing the USP downpipe reduces exhaust restriction and […] More…

USP Motorsports Releases Automatic Hatch Pop Kit for Mk7 Golf, Golf GTI and Golf R

posted by on 24 September 2015 in Aftermarket & Industry News

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USP Motorsports consistently strives to develop innovative products that the community desires. The Automatic Hatch Pop Kit for the MK7 GTI, Golf, Golf R is just one example of such products. Are you tired of fumbling to open your hatch with a hand full of groceries? Well so are we! USP has built a complete […] More…

RFB Lighting Presents MK7 GTI and Golf HID Conversion Kits

posted by on 5 August 2015 in Aftermarket & Industry News

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High-intensity discharge or HID lighting provides superior light output compared to standard halogen lighting. While many vehicles come from the factory with HID lighting, the 2015+ MK7 Golf and some GTI trims still come standard with halogen lighting. Adding HID lighting to these vehicles requires specific adapters and proper integration to avoid any error lights […] More…

USP Presents the Spulen MQB Intake Coolant Hose Solution

posted by on 28 July 2015 in Aftermarket & Industry News

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The 1.8TSI and 2.0TSI engines found in the Volkswagen MK7 GTI, Golf, and Golf R have a complex series of coolant hoses. One of the coolant hoses in the system routes on top of the factory intake system creating an unsightly appearance. The Spulen MQB Intake Coolant Hose replaces this factory hose and allows it […] More…

USP Motorsports Announces Spulen Motor Mount Inserts for Volkswagen Golf and Golf GTI

posted by on 9 June 2015 in Aftermarket & Industry News

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The factory engine mounts on your MK7 GTI or Golf are constructed from soft rubber with several voids to allow movement. This design does not account for spirited driving and is unable to limit engine movement on cars with increased horsepower. In order to limit engine movement Spulen created a polyurethane insert that installs into […] More…

USP Presents Billet Oil Dipsticks for the 1.8T and 2.0T!

posted by on 21 May 2015 in Aftermarket & Industry News

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An oil dipstick is a vital part of any car. The oil dipstick is a thin piece of metal that extends into the engine’s oil pan and allows you to read your engine’s oil level. In order to save money Volkswagen designed the oil dip stick with a plastic handle and a plastic level indicator. […] More…