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First Drive: 2009 Volkswagen CC

posted by on 14 September 2008 in Reviews and Road Tests

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On the list of jobs that we wouldn’t wish on anyone, being responsible for marketing the new Volkswagen CC is near the top. Where does it slot into the market? The easy answer is that it’s a personal luxury coupe. It’s even right there in the name—CC. “Comfort Coupe.” Yet it definitely has four doors […] More…

Event Coverage: Dubs Along the Rockies 2008

posted by on 3 September 2008 in Events Coverage

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It’s been on the minds of several enthusiasts across the Rocky Mountain Front Range since the beginning of the summer. The late-August buzz isn’t about when classes are back in session, or how football season migrates back on Sundays. Rather, it’s the last big show of the season for Colorado, and exhibits insight on trends […] More…

VWvortex Feature: Inside VW’s Driver Assistance Technology

posted by on 21 August 2008 in Technical Features

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Six of us have been put into a Volkswagen van and shuffled off through the German countryside, for a whole lot of we’re not sure what. We weren’t blindfolded and gagged first, so that’s a good start. On a nondescript back road, the driver pulls off for a checkpoint. There are two rows of high […] More…

Safe Happens Again: VW Tiguan Aces IIHS Crash Tests

posted by on 20 August 2008 in Volkswagen News

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Ed’s Note: Larger pictures are available by clicking the link to our message forums at the bottom of this page. ARLINGTON,VA-Automakers are improving the crashworthiness of their vehicles and quickly installing side airbags and electronic stability control, an important crash avoidance feature, on more models. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety recently completed front, side, […] More…

Donate Your Picture For a Chance to Become a Part of VW History

posted by on 4 August 2008 in Miscellaneous Features

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Volkswagen has packed up their digs in Auburn Hills, Michigan, and planted roots in Herndon, Virginia, and their new place is looking a bit barren. We were recently contacted by Crispin Porter + Bogusky, VW’s ad agency in the States, to see if Vortexers would like to contribute to a display that’s being built at […] More…

Project Turbunnium Part III: The Little Things That Count

posted by on 27 July 2008 in Technical Features

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You remember the commercials Volkswagen aired when the Rabbit first launched, showing them breeding like rabbits? They weren’t kidding — within a few months of bringing our Candy White ’07 Rabbit home from the dealership, the cars were everywhere. Which is why we had to differentiate Project Turbunnium from the thousands of other white Rabbits […] More…