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Robot Fatally Injures Contractor at Baunatal Volkswagen Plant

posted by on 2 July 2015 in Volkswagen News

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Yesterday, the Associated Press published that a stationary robot used during the manufacturing process at Volkswagen’s Baunatal plant grabbed and crushed a 22 year old contractor while setting up the machine.  It seems that a human error is currently being blamed for the incident, although the internet is rife with commentary about the ‘rise of […] More…

World RX Descends on Sweden for its 40th Anniversary

posted by on 2 July 2015 in Motorsport News

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FIA’s World Rallycross Championship presented by Monster Energy heads to Holjes, Sweden this weekend for round 6 of the 2015 season, which famously hosted the first ever Rallycross event 40 years ago.  To make the anniversary event just a bit more special, this weekend will play host to the Volkswagen Beetle’s first appearance in the […] More…

Video: Volkswagen R32 Rolls at the Nurburgring

posted by on 1 July 2015 in Videos

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If you’ve ever experienced the Nurburgring’s 12.9 mile North Loop on a video game, chances are that you’ve employed a strategy that encouraged liberal use of the curbing on nearly all of its 70+ corners.  It’s a bold strategy, but in the virtual world, consequences of being a bit to hard on the curbs is close […] More…

WRC 2: ŠKODA Sets Sights on Another Top Result in Poland

posted by on 1 July 2015 in Motorsport News

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ŠKODA looks to further the success of their Fabia R5 in its debut season when the team reports to Rally Poland this weekend.  After a late start, the R5 has captured a podium spot three times in the two races it’s entered so far this year, causing the team to have understandably high hopes for this weekend’s […] More…

Report: Volkswagen to Establish Budget Brand in China

posted by on 30 June 2015 in Volkswagen News

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According to a piece published by Bild, Volkswagen CEO Martin Winterkorn has announced that the Volkswagen Group will bring a ‘budget’ car to market, as it is seen as a key component of future success for the company.  The model will be first available in China at a price point less than 10,000EUR, and eventually […] More…

Event Report: Cult Classic 10

posted by on 30 June 2015 in Events Coverage

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Over the past ten years, Nothing Leaves Stock’s Cult Classic has grown significantly due to the laid-back atmosphere that can at times make it feel more like a gathering than a traditional show.  But don’t mistake this casual feel for a lack of planning or hard work, as it takes a lot of care to appear this […] More…