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Project SportWagen: Setting the Stage(s) with AWE Tuning

posted by on 31 August 2015 in Project Golf SportWagen

sportwagen awe 1200 600x300

With suspension from Air Lift Performance, wheels from Rotiform, and roof candy courtesy of Volkswagen Accessories, you might just say that Project SportWagen is starting to look the part of a proper show car within today’s Volkswagen scene, while retaining the ability to be driven daily.  But although the looks are very much in-line with […] More…

Volkswagen Motorsport International Newsletter

posted by on 31 August 2015 in Motorsport News

funcup960 600x300

With Volkswagen participating in so many forms of Motorsport around the world, it’s often difficult to keep track of their performance. Luckily for us, Volkswagen Motorsport goes through the trouble of rounding up all of the key information from their various race series, and puts it all in one press release. Let’s get started. Transalpine […] More…

Deutsche Auto Parts Releases Center-Exit Exhaust for Mk7 GTI

posted by on 28 August 2015 in Aftermarket & Industry News

DAP centerexit 600x300

Utilizing the OEM Volkswagen Accessory rear valence, Deutsche Auto Parts has developed a Center exit exhaust for the Mk7 Golf GTI.  Made from 304 Stainless Steel, the system is said to be drone-free and perfectly suited for daily driving. From the provided videos, we’d say it sounds pretty damn good, too. Check out the announcement below. […] More…

Find of the Day: 1980 Volkswagen Golf

posted by on 28 August 2015 in Find Of the Day

mk1 fotd 600x300

When it comes to building show cars, the Europeans are quite simply on a different level.  Posted recently to the ‘Burn the Mk1s’ group on Facebook, this Golf is a prime example of the level that some go to when assembling their perfect Mk1.  And that’s why it’s our Find of the Day.   This […] More…

Carbon Works Berlin Creates a Carbon Fiber Gas Tank for Mk1 Golf

posted by on 27 August 2015 in Aftermarket & Industry News

carbon tank 1 960 600x300

Ahh carbon fiber, you’re everywhere these days, aren’t you?  A full-blown tailoring industry has been molded around, well, molding, and the products it pumps out are limited only by imagination and budget.  Take the latest exercise from Carbon Works Berlin, a fuel tank done completely in carbon fiber. Now, we think it’s a safe assumption that […] More…

KERMATDi Becomes Exclusive US Distributor of Auto-Polar FIS

posted by on 27 August 2015 in Aftermarket & Industry News

kerma fis 600x300

Colorado-based KERMATDi has announced that they have secured distributorship of Auto-Polar FIS, a plug and play system that can display multiple vehicle parameters such as boost level, exhaust gas temperatures, and coolant temperature.  In total, more than 140 different parameters are visible on the center cluster with the Auto-Polar FIS installed, and at $299 it’s […] More…