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Guest Opinion: I Am Never Buying An Automatic!

posted by on 6 September 2005 in Columns

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“I am never buying an automatic.” So the teenaged Bill used to say. My parents drove automatics as did the uncool kids in high school. I needed to feel absolute control over a car, though some would say about my driving habits, there is no control. I wanted to make the decision regarding when to […] More…

From the Armchair – Our Little Baby All Grown Up

posted by on 15 August 2005 in Columns

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My friends who are parents tell me it’s practically a teary-eyed occasion when your child hits a milestone like walking, talking or curing cancer. Unfortunately, I’m not a parent yet, so I’ll have to project that parental pride on other innocuous things, like one of the kids I’d forgotten I’d been involved in raising – […] More…

Opinion – Rearview Mirror: Are You A Lifer, Or Is This Just A Phase?

posted by on 8 August 2005 in Columns

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I’ve been a Volkswagen enthusiast as long as I’ve had a driver’s license. It started 18 years ago with a humble ‘81 Rabbit. Since then I’ve owned a total of seven VWs, all of them Rabbits or Golfs, three of which were GTIs. I’ve modified them, restored them, raced them, and sat broken down on […] More…

Opinion – Der Ölmesser: How Dirty Are Your Hands?

posted by on 26 July 2005 in Columns

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A few weeks ago I stumbled across a thread in the Mk3 Forum where the original poster wondered if it is legitimate to have big respect for the owners of cars who have not actually built them themselves. His point was that many of the cars somewhat famous within the ‘pages’ of VWvortex have been […] More…

First In: Worlds Collide – Waterfest, Road Tours, VW Executives and more…

posted by on 14 July 2005 in Columns

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It’s not exactly every day that I get a phone call from Executive Vice President of Volkswagen of America Len Hunt telling me he wants to respond to a topic in our discussion forums. I vaguely remember asking if he was serious or kidding, to which I got a laugh and an assurance that he […] More…

Guest Opinion: Rabbit Run!

posted by on 27 June 2005 in Columns

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As a kid, nothing got me out of the house and into the car faster than the prospect of going Healey-ing. This could be as simple as a ride to school or as elaborate as a family drive on a Sunday afternoon in hill country with a picnic and a stop at the drive-in ice […] More…