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Der Ölmesser: “Hey… Dumbass!”

posted by on 16 May 2005 in Columns

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We’ve all done some pretty stupid things with our cars over the years. Some we can laugh about today, others we truly hope to take with us to our graves. But it’s a universal truth amongst car enthusiasts that our passion for cars, our belief we know more about them than the average individual, and […] More…

Why I Still Drive VWs

posted by on 2 May 2005 in Columns

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It’s been a while since I last autocrossed. A series of equipment mishaps and numerous scheduling conflicts have prevented me from getting out and carving cones in the past year and a half. When I found a slot (admittedly a very narrow one) in my calendar that coincided with the local VW club’s autocross, I […] More…

Guest Opinion: Why We Let Our Boyfriends Drive Our Cars

posted by on 25 April 2005 in Columns

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It’s a rare event in which my boyfriend Jason and I head out to a VW get-together driving in separate cars. In the good old days when my GTI was on the road, it often served as our chariot. There was only one problem – it was not I who was behind the wheel. I […] More…

From the Armchair – Of Wives And Wagons

posted by on 12 April 2005 in Columns

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I got a phone call this weekend. It was a friend from high school. He’s doing well these days, living in upstate New York, about to get married and looking for a good all-wheel-drive second car to complement his Boxster S and keep the miles off his leased Land Rover Discovery. Naturally, I suggested a […] More…

Der Ölmesser: A Letter To Clifford

posted by on 4 April 2005 in Columns

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Dear Clifford, You’re only 9-years-old right now, but I know your 16th birthday will be here before we know it. God help us all. It’s no surprise you’ve already developed a healthy appreciation for all things automotive – look who your dad is – and you’re wise enough to know that if 200-hp is great, […] More…

Rearview Mirror: Will Higher Gas Prices Really Change Your Life?

posted by on 28 March 2005 in Columns

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I just got back from a week-long driving trip in Europe. Four of us Vortex staffers made the trip to Geneva for the annual auto show, then spent the next five days bombing about the countryside of Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France, and Austria in a trio of premium hatchbacks. And by premium, I mean that they required frequent refillings of premium unleaded gasoline. More…