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Event Report: VAG Fair 2015

posted by on 11 August 2015 in Events Coverage

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The Mid-Atlantic is blessed with a glut of enthusiast events throughout the summer, but a select few have been able to withstand the test of time, and shown ability to grow each and every year.  One such event is York, Pennsylvania’s VAG Fair, which benefits both from its proximity to the DC Metro area, get-together […] More…

Event Report: Eurokracy Montreal 2015

posted by on 23 July 2015 in Events Coverage

eurokracy montreal tmichielsen 420 600x300

With the show that Canadian attendees at major US events like Waterfest (more specifically during Afterfest) and H20, we’ve long wondered what the scene would be like if they had home field advantage.  Luckily for us, Eurokracy has emerged as the go-to Canadian destination for all things European, and as you’d expect, things are just a bit […] More…

Event Report: Waterfest 21

posted by on 21 July 2015 in Events Coverage

wf21front 600x300

    With age comes maturity, and Waterfest is no exception.  Now in its 21st(!) year, the hotel parties, Chili’s get together and other quintessential off site post-game activities now seem like distant memories, as everyone feeling rowdy has the ability to get it out of their system at Afterfest.  To put it simply, the event now […] More…

Event Report: Cult Classic 10

posted by on 30 June 2015 in Events Coverage

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Over the past ten years, Nothing Leaves Stock’s Cult Classic has grown significantly due to the laid-back atmosphere that can at times make it feel more like a gathering than a traditional show.  But don’t mistake this casual feel for a lack of planning or hard work, as it takes a lot of care to appear this […] More…

Event Report: Fastivus 2015

posted by on 17 June 2015 in Events Coverage

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[Editor’s Note: Fastivus took place last weekend, and while unfortunately none of the VMG staff was able to make the event, plenty of others were.  Below is an event recap by BIG-EURO’s Erik Ruggels, with images from Paul Chan.]  If there’s one premier Volkswagen track event of the entire year, it is without any lengthy […] More…

Oettinger 500R Makes Debut at Wörthersee 2015

posted by on 20 May 2015 in 2015 Worthersee Treffen Coverage

Oettinger 500R Seite schraeg 960 600x300

Oettinger pulled the covers off of their Golf 500R this past weekend at Wörthersee, featuring a wind-tunnel developed bodykit and a top speed of 186mph.  Built as a display piece specifically for the event, Oettinger saw fit to remove the Golf R’s 2.0T and replace it with Audi’s 2.5 TFSI, tuned to produce 518hp.  Those […] More…