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Feature: DM Motorsport’s Mid-Engined V8 Volkswagen Golf GTI

posted by on 7 May 2015 in Feature Cars

dm frontpage2 600x300

[photos: Si Gray] If you’ve attended a Volkswagen enthusiast event, you can attest to the fact that so many Mk1s currently feature VR6, 1.8T or 16 valve power that, if you didn’t know better, you’d swear they came that way from the factory.  Luckily there are those among us who are against going with the […] More…

Nothing Leaves Stock’s One Lap Of America-Winning MK5 GTI

posted by on 15 July 2014 in Feature Cars

DSC08078 600x300

I’m riding shotgun as Nothing Leaves Stock’s Josh Paashaus points to a line of trees along the road, just after the corner we’re about to tackle aboard one of their fifth generation GTI race cars. “See how there is one tree missing up there along the road?” he asks. “That’s where I broke my back.” […] More…

APTuning’s APR Stage 3 Volkswagen Golf R

posted by on 5 June 2014 in Feature Cars

AP Tuning APR Stage 3 Volkswagen Golf R 378 600x300

I’m never really quite sure what to expect when I drive a car with an upgraded turbocharger for the first time.  Power delivery almost never seems to be consistent, and while having that binary on/off switch style performance can be entertaining, it’s not always practical for most driving situations.  With that said, when (and often […] More…

Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Beat The Heat Drag Jetta

posted by on 14 February 2014 in Feature Cars

beat the head jetta 2 600x300

Gwinnett County Sheriff Deputy Rich Younker, a long-time VW enthusiast and Vortex member builds a “Beat The Heat” drag Jetta GLI encouraging legal racing at the track instead of the street. We had a chance to sit down with him and talk about his project. More…

AWE Tuning Builds Another Fast GTI

posted by on 27 April 2011 in Feature Cars

06awe gti splash 600x300

How do you define fast? For some, “fast” is a prototype racer tearing around a road course. For others, it’s a big V8 rumbling around an oval. For a lot of people, “fast” is one car outrunning another as both scream down a straightaway at wide open throttle. It’s that last definition that grabs a […] More…

Featured: AWE Tuning’s Mk5 GTI

posted by on 1 December 2010 in Feature Cars

06awemk5 splash 600x300

As good as the fifth generation of the Volkswagen GTI may have been, there are always those who are looking for something a little more – perhaps a little more power. Perhaps a little more braking capability. Or, perhaps a little more sporting ride. Then, of course, there are those who want a lot more, […] More…