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Feature Car: 1984 Rabbit GTI 1.8T

posted by on 27 July 2005 in Feature Cars

06rabbit 800 600x300

VW technology has come a long way over the years, and for many the pinnacle of VW’s engineering might is the 1.8T engine. Powerful, compact, and eminently tune-able, the only downside is that this wonderful engine is typically saddled with a heavy new-style VW to lug around (weight being one of the downsides to modern […] More…

Feature Car: 1998 Jetta GLX Coupe

posted by on 13 May 2005 in Feature Cars

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“Well, if you’re going to be biased against this car, why not write your article on Mike’s coupe?” my editor said, as he pointed towards a group of people encircling a car. As the SFL-GTG crowd parted I was greeted by a vision of Jazz Blue bliss. “Open Arms” by Journey played in my head […] More…

VWvortex Feature Car: 1996 Golf Harlequin VR6

posted by on 22 April 2005 in Feature Cars

06harlequin 800 600x300

As a 1996 Volkswagen magazine ad said, “Can’t decide on a color? Try a Harlequin Golf.” Even those who are savvy to the model’s colorful background do a quadruple-take when they catch a glimpse of Mike Thomas’ surprisingly sinister preschool-hued Mk3 Golf. Mike didn’t set out to own one of the most festive cars in […] More…

VWvortex Feature Car: Jay and Shannon’s Excellent Caddy

posted by on 1 April 2005 in Feature Cars

06caddy 800 600x300

The Greek philosopher Plato once said that necessity is the mother of invention. He forgot to finish that sentence with the part about creativity being the offspring of desire. It was necessity that landed a Rabbit Pickup (known throughout the rest of the world as a Caddy) in Jay Ayers’ driveway. But it wasn’t long […] More…

Silver Spooler GTI

posted by on 23 July 2004 in Feature Cars

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That Volkswagen is so closely related to Porsche is no surprise to anyone who has spent some time around either car. Even the average car enthusiast probably knows that none other than Dr. Porsche himself designed the original Beetle, and that the earliest cars to wear a Porsche badge were heavily based on Volkswagens as […] More…

AWE Inspiring Jetta

posted by on 10 December 2003 in Feature Cars

06awe 750 600x300

When the 201 hp 24-valve VR6 engine came onto the scene in early 2002, many of the hardcore VR6 enthusiasts waited with baited breath to see how Volkswagen pulled this amazing feat of cramming 12 more valves on top of the 15-degree narrow angle V6. Left without any modifications, the stock 24-Valve engine is a […] More…