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Beetle ‘Heritage Wheel’ Design Offers Steelie Look with Many Options

posted by on 14 February 2012 in Miscellaneous Features

06beetle wheel 600x300

While at the Volkswagen Accessory tech facility in Virginia recently on other matters, our staff had a chance to play with the new factory heritage style wheel design that is offered standard on the 2012 Beetle. During some down time, we had a chance to sit down and get up close with a set of […] More…

24 Hours of Nurburgring: VAG Class-by-Class Breakdown

posted by on 30 June 2011 in Miscellaneous Features

06n24 vw 600x300

There are just so many reasons to be enthralled by the 24 Hours of Nurburgring. There’s the stunning track itself, the throngs of fans spread out across the local mountainous real estate and of course the cars. Volkswagen came with factory-built Golf GT-24s and CNG-powered Sciroccos. Audi brought its R8 LMS and the new TT […] More…

Honorable Mention: Russ Taylor’s MK2 Build on Klutch

posted by on 14 April 2011 in Miscellaneous Features

06russ splash 600x300

Building a car can very easily get out of hand, a lot quicker than you could imagine. When all the parts are laying on the garage floor and a bare shell is all that’s left, it’s easy to get carried away into what could go back on in their stead. Russ Taylor knows this all […] More…

Honorable Mention: cstanley19’s Corrado Build

posted by on 7 April 2011 in Miscellaneous Features

06cstanley19 hm 600x300

When a Volkswagen faithful decides to purchase a Corrado, there seems to be two ways of going about it. The first is to just maintain the car, and deal with the issues Volkswagen’s true sports car is unfortunately notorious for. Or there’s always the approach of trying to beat those problems at the pass and […] More…

Honorable Mention: Nashty Rabbit’s R32TT MKI

posted by on 31 March 2011 in Miscellaneous Features

06nashty rabbit r32tt 600x300

We can all call ourselves Volkswagen fanatics (that’s why we’re here, right?) but there’s no doubt that some of us have the bug a bit more deeply-rooted than others. Case in point is reader Nashty Rabbit. While he had already built a MK1 Rabbit many of us would pine for, circumstances of a family-owned R32 […] More…

Don’t Call It Family Truckster: Ian Avilla’s Passat Estate

posted by on 16 March 2011 in Miscellaneous Features

06ian avilla passat estate splash 001 600x300

Anyone who has seen the classic comedy film “National Lampoon’s Vacation” will remember the look on Chevy Chase’s face when the slick car salesman tells his character that due to an “ordering mistake” the dealership just doesn’t have the Ice Blue Sportwagon with CB Radio and optional Rally Fun Pack. Chase’s character, Clark Griswold, had […] More…