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Fast Cars and Fast Lives: Josh Stern’s OEMplus-built JSW R

posted by on 3 March 2011 in Miscellaneous Features

06oemplus jsw r splash1 600x300

It’s a dilemma we’ve all had to face before. As car enthusiasts, we want a car that is sheer fun to drive, and it wouldn’t hurt if it looks good either. As, well, people, our lives don’t necessarily allow for such things to happen. Fast cars don’t usually go hand-in-hand with practically, something fast-paced lives […] More…

2010 VWvortex Holiday Gift Guide

posted by on 30 November 2010 in Miscellaneous Features

062010 holiday gift guide 600x300

So Thanksgiving is over and you’re back at the office, but not quite eager to jump back into all that work on your desk. Do what everyone else is doing, and catch up on your holiday shopping instead. It’s Cyber Monday, for cryin’ out loud! Your boss expects you to be surfing the web for […] More…

VW, Audi and Porsche May Expand Mid-Engine Lineup

posted by on 27 October 2010 in Miscellaneous Features

06mid engine splash 600x300

Sports car concepts have dominated the auto show circuit for most of 2010, with the Volkswagen Group leading the charge. By adding Porsche to the family last year, the ever-expanding universe now has at least five brands (VW, Audi, Lamborghini, Bugatti and of course Porsche) over which to spread the cost of developing new mid-engine […] More…

R32 Revival

posted by on 21 October 2010 in Miscellaneous Features

06r32 revival splash 600x300

The first generation of the Volkswagen R32, based on the fourth generation Golf platform, was a special car, sold in the US only in limited numbers. It had caught the eye of Ellery Boudah, a member of the Connecticut National Guard, right from the start but he wasn’t able to afford one when they were […] More…

Volkswagen Lays Down the Law in Herndon

posted by on 6 October 2010 in Miscellaneous Features

06passat popo splash 600x300

We’ve all seen it before, the distinctive headlights of a Ford Crown Victoria in our rear view mirror. Is it a taxi or a cop? We hope it’s just a taxi, but that’s just wishful thinking, we know we’re about to get pulled over. If you live in the Town of Herndon, you need to […] More…

Event Coverage: H2O International 2010

posted by on 28 September 2010 in Miscellaneous Features

06h2o 2010 splash 001 600x300

Some may think that H2O International suffers from being the last large show in the season. But once you attend your first, it’s easy to see nothing could be farther from the truth. H2Oi, as it’s come to be called throughout our forums, doesn’t boast so much about what it has, but more about what […] More…