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Event Coverage: VAG Fair 2009

posted by on 14 August 2009 in Miscellaneous Features

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There was a celebration of VAG last Saturday at the fairgrounds in charming York, Pennsylvania. Local residents may have been a bit confused watching a seemingly endless parade of Audis and Volkswagens streaming into town, but organizer Cory Sterling knew exactly what he was doing. This was year three of VAG Fair, which is arguably […] More…

Junk Yard Dogged. Parting out a Parts Yard.

posted by on 5 August 2009 in Miscellaneous Features

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Perry County might be described as the Rodney Dangerfield of Pennsylvania. It gets no respect. It’s not uncommon to hear people in the nearby state capital of Harrisburg talking down about the rural nature of the countryside upriver. It’s hardly the first place we’d expect to find a thriving German-car dismantling business; however, such a […] More…

Event Coverage: Mk 1 Madness 2009

posted by on 28 July 2009 in Miscellaneous Features

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Light, small, simple: the virtues of the first generation of water-cooled Volkswagens are easy to define. Be they Guigiaro-designed Rabbits (a.k.a. Golf I) and Sciroccos, or other VW variants like the first-gen Jetta, second-gen Scirocco, the Cabriolet or the Westmoreland-built Rabbit Pickup, these cars have a fierce following by both rabid owners and specialty shops […] More…

Event Coverage: Waterfest 15 2009

posted by on 27 July 2009 in Miscellaneous Features

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Being the biggest brings both good and bad. As the giant you’re not only the leader, you’re also the litmus. Few would argue that Waterfest is the biggest Volkswagen and Audi enthusiast show in the States, and as a result many eyes were turned on Waterfest 15 as a gauge to how the wounded economy […] More…

APR Takes the GTI to Two First Place Finishes

posted by on 1 July 2009 in Miscellaneous Features

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Chances are when you say “Volkswagen” the word “racing” isn’t going to be the first thing most people think about, especially here in the States. Ignoring the European market Scirocco, the company we love doesn’t even technically build a sports car. As brilliant a car as the GTI is, at its roots it’s an economical […] More…

Sixth Generation Golf and GTI Make U.S. Debut in New York

posted by on 10 April 2009 in Miscellaneous Features

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If you haven’t noticed, the Rabbit is out and the Golf is back in. Yes, we know… so what’s the deal with that? Volkswagen of America is under new management. Along with VWoA’s new headquarters came new management and VWoA has gotten a serious makeover top to bottom. This is actually all good and having […] More…