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Super Beetle – Cutting and Splicing

posted by on 11 October 2012 in Super Beetle

04 super beetle 600x300

Part four of our series covers the cutting and splicing of Golf R pieces to the Beetle and the start of the mechanical work… More…

Super Beetle – Rear End Removal

posted by on 9 October 2012 in Super Beetle

03 superbeetle header 600x300

So in our third installment of the Super Beetle project we disassemble the rear end of both cars. More…

Super Beetle – Dismantling Begins

posted by on 8 October 2012 in Super Beetle

superbeetle update 02 600x300

We begin dismantling both the Beetle and Golf R and discover a few things. More…

Super Beetle Project – Introduction

posted by on 5 October 2012 in Super Beetle

superbeetle header3 600x300

A Super Beetle should be Super and to us that means adding AWD and 500hp to a bone stock Turbo Beetle. And thus our latest project car is born. Yes, we’re excited. More…

The Super Beetle Project

posted by on 3 October 2012 in Super Beetle

vwvortex superbeetle sema 600x300

Welcome to VWvortex’s newest project, the Super Beetle. 500hp and AWD should make it Super we think. More…

VWvortex Beetle RS 2.0

posted by on 18 July 2012 in Project Cars

vwvortex beetle rs 22 600x300

If you remember back to last year around this time, we took a stock 2012 turbo Beetle and built our own version of a Beetle RS inspired by a photoshop done by one of our readers, Saige Kirkland. You can read the whole story HERE. That car went back to VW and we waited patiently […] More…