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GTI Mk6 Project – Clearing the Airways

posted by on 3 November 2010 in Project Cars

06project mk6 splash 600x300

In our last VW GTI update, we covered the install of new tires and wheels to beef up the aesthetic side of our little hatch. But, as they say, what good is show without the go? To help rectify that, we turned to Forge Motorsports, who just released an intake kit for the sixth-generation GTI. […] More…

GTI Mk6 Project – New Wheels and Tires

posted by on 17 September 2010 in Project Cars

06gti mk6 header 600x300

Back when we introduced our Golf VI GTI Project, we talked about the need for winter wheels and tires in the harsh winters we get around the VWvortex offices. And when the grey skies parted and spring traded snow for leaves, we could’ve very easily retired the winters and thrown the stock Detroit wheels and […] More…