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Driven: 2007 Audi S6

posted by on 14 November 2006 in Reviews and Road Tests

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Consider the position of Audi’s new S6 and the predicament in which the Audi brand finds itself in the American marketplace. A case can be made that the situations are surprisingly parallel. Like the entire Audi brand, the S6 has matured, yet is lagging somewhat in visibility compared to its German rivals. Also like the […] More…

First Drive: 2007 VW Eos 3.2

posted by on 9 November 2006 in Reviews and Road Tests

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The invitation was too good to pass up. Fly to France in early autumn, pick up a new Volkswagen Eos with the 3.2-liter VR6, spend a couple days driving through Germany’s Black Forest and the French countryside, and then arrive in Paris in time for the auto show. My hosts were so optimistic about the […] More…

First Drive: 2006 Rabbit 2.5

posted by on 31 July 2006 in Reviews and Road Tests

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In 1975, just as the American public was starting to warm up to the idea of cars that were both compact and economical in the wake of a fuel shortage, Volkswagen launched its small and plucky Rabbit. Powered by 1.5 liters of fury, with breaker-point ignition, drum brakes at all four corners and 13″ tires […] More…

Driven: 2006 Bentley Continental Flying Spur

posted by on 21 June 2006 in Reviews and Road Tests

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What could the new Bentley Continental Flying Spur possibly have in common with the 16th-century English saint Sir Thomas More? Other than national heritage, harmony with divinity, and sightings within British high society, you might be surprised. More coined the term “Utopia” in his 1516 book of the same name, setting into motion the idea […] More…

Eos – First Drive

posted by on 6 June 2006 in Reviews and Road Tests Reviews and Road Tests Beta

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In Greek mythology Eos was the goddess of Dawn. She apparently had a “fling” with Ares, Aphrodite’s lover and as the story goes Aphrodite (none too pleased with Eos) put a curse on her essentially turning Eos into a nymphomaniac(!). Eos then reportedly “fell in love” with a series of mortals and eventually married the […] More…

Road Test: 2006 New Beetle 2.5

posted by on 24 March 2006 in Reviews and Road Tests

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Don’t call the New Beetle “retro.” It may be styled in the image of Volkswagen’s famous Type I, a fourth-generation Golf in the body of a snub-nosed, high-roof coupé. It may even share its name with the air-cooled käfer and be responsible for re-introducing legions of kids to the game of punchbuggy. But retro it’s […] More…