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VWvortex Feature: Inside VW’s Driver Assistance Technology

posted by on 21 August 2008 in Technical Features

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Six of us have been put into a Volkswagen van and shuffled off through the German countryside, for a whole lot of we’re not sure what. We weren’t blindfolded and gagged first, so that’s a good start. On a nondescript back road, the driver pulls off for a checkpoint. There are two rows of high […] More…

Project Turbunnium Part III: The Little Things That Count

posted by on 27 July 2008 in Technical Features

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You remember the commercials Volkswagen aired when the Rabbit first launched, showing them breeding like rabbits? They weren’t kidding — within a few months of bringing our Candy White ’07 Rabbit home from the dealership, the cars were everywhere. Which is why we had to differentiate Project Turbunnium from the thousands of other white Rabbits […] More…

Project Turbunnium Part II: Body Modifications

posted by on 14 July 2008 in Technical Features

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I first met the Thunder BunnyTM in a dimly lit corner of a display hall at Chicago’s McCormick Place in 2007. Designed and built at Volkswagen’s Design Center California in Santa Monica, the Thunder Bunny paid homage to the Neuspeed-modified 1981 Rabbit of the same name that foreshadowed the arrival of the 1983 GTI. The […] More…

Project Turbunnium: Introduction

posted by on 4 July 2008 in Technical Features

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Wes Grueninger Production Editor, VWvortex.com The “Rabbit Test” was the kind of hideous procedure that makes grown men cross their legs just a little bit tighter when they hear about it. Popular during the early 20th century, doctors would inject womens’ urine into the bloodstream of female rabbits. After a few days, the rabbit would […] More…

Project 24V GLI: Part IV

posted by on 3 July 2008 in Technical Features

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So it is finally time we get off our collective rears and got back to giving you updates on our project 24V Jetta GLI. Upcoming installments will cover our decisions for wheels and tires, a suspension update, and a few exterior changes. For now, it’s about time we improved the performance of our 24V, and […] More…

Project Tortured Affair GTI: Introduction

posted by on 2 July 2008 in Technical Features

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Almost every time I interview someone for a VWvortex feature story, it surfaces again: the oft-repeated assertion that a true project car is never really completed. VW ownership has always been about more than the cars, but as I’ve worked harder on finding fresh content for Vortex, the importance of my own car has diminished. […] More…