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Inside Look: Recaro North America

posted by on 22 May 2006 in Technical Features

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Recaro. To car enthusiasts the world over, the name alone is synonymous with “sport seats.” In the forty or so years since producing the world’s first aftermarket sport seat, others have imitated, but rarely duplicated, Recaro’s combination of uncompromising form and function. To this day few accessories are as coveted as a pair of these […] More…

Project Mk V GTI: Part 1

posted by on 19 May 2006 in Technical Features

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Volkswagen seems to have found itself again with its newest GTI. Debuting Stateside as a 2006 model, this fifth generation is a lot more focused on the needs and wants of the enthusiasts who buy them. The first assignment for VW’s new ad agency was launching the new GTI. One ad campaign encourages owners to […] More…

Project Jetta V GLI: Part 1

posted by on 13 March 2006 in Technical Features

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When Volkswagen announced the new Golf V/Jetta V platform we knew we had to get our hands on one right away and start digging into it. A number of our readers will remember that last summer we toured around the country with a German-spec Golf V GTI and a pre-production Jetta GLI, so we were […] More…

Project 24V GLI: Part III

posted by on 7 February 2006 in Technical Features

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We know we promised the next article to talk about giving our project 24V Jetta GLI a little grunt, but we just couldn’t help but give our Jetta a new look with some better lighting and some new juice to power them. In our introductory article we mentioned lighting was one of the areas we […] More…

Project 24V GLI: Part II

posted by on 28 October 2005 in Technical Features

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Alright… we know it’s been a painfully long amount of time since we launched Project 24V GLI. We wanted to run Part II much sooner, but you know how it goes: we had shows to attend, advertisers to schmooze, readers to ban… Rather than run and hide with our collective tails between our legs, we’re […] More…

Tech Series: New Wave 1.8T Swap Part IV

posted by on 8 July 2005 in Technical Features

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In parts one through three of this series, I have outlined why I originally felt the need to try a different approach to swapping a 1.8T engine into an older CE2-equipped Volkswagen. To summarize, I wanted an easier, less-expensive way to go about this swap then was currently available. I think I’ve succeeded. I’ll be […] More…