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Clarkson, Hammond and May Strike Deal with Amazon

posted by on 30 July 2015 in Aftermarket & Industry News

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Great news!  Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May have signed a deal which will bring a new program to Amazon Prime TV, that will be produced by former Top Gear head Andy Wilman.  While the new show is sure to be a return to form for the trio, it will be interesting to see […] More…

ECS Baffled Oil Catch Can System Now Available to FSI and TSI Owners

posted by on 29 July 2015 in Aftermarket & Industry News

The modern closed PCV/Breather system is intended to recirculate combustion blow-by gases for cleaner operation and to reduce greenhouse gases. An unfortunate consequence of this system is the unintended ingestion of oil vapor and carbon into the intake tract, lowering the octane rating and leaving harmful deposits on a vehicle’s intake valves and ports that […] More…

USP Presents the Spulen MQB Intake Coolant Hose Solution

posted by on 28 July 2015 in Aftermarket & Industry News

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The 1.8TSI and 2.0TSI engines found in the Volkswagen MK7 GTI, Golf, and Golf R have a complex series of coolant hoses. One of the coolant hoses in the system routes on top of the factory intake system creating an unsightly appearance. The Spulen MQB Intake Coolant Hose replaces this factory hose and allows it […] More…

Carbon Works Berlin Reimagines Lupo Steering Wheel

posted by on 24 July 2015 in Aftermarket & Industry News

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If you pay close attention to our European show coverage and their galleries, you may have noticed that the Lupo’s 3-spoke steering wheel is somewhat of a trend.  Be it the wheel’s classic-feel, or simply that it’s easily obtained, we’ve seen it installed on numerous Volkswagens of various vintages, from the Mk1 Golf, up to […] More…

Tonight: AutoHaus Lancaster’s Grand Opening

posted by on 23 July 2015 in Aftermarket & Industry News

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Got plans for this evening?  No!?  Great!  Beginning tonight at 6pm, Central Pennsylvania’s AutoHaus Lancaster Volkswagen and Audi will hold the grand opening event for their newly updated dealership, complete with valet parking and showroom tours. If you’re not all that interested in the tour, that’s ok too, as AutoHaus will have several display cars […] More…

Deutsche Auto Parts Launches ShopDAP.com

posted by on 20 July 2015 in Aftermarket & Industry News

SHopdap VW Vortex  600x300

The folks over at Deutsche Auto Parts have officially launched their all-new web store, ShopDAP.com, which aims to not only be easier to spell, but also to give customers a much more user-friendly experience.  From our few minutes cruising around the new site, we’ve found that the new layout is much easier to navigate, and […] More…