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Spulen Throttle and Turbo Outlet Pipes Now Available at USP Motorsports for Mk7 GTI and Golf!

posted by on 27 January 2015 in Aftermarket & Industry News

usp top 600x300

The factory throttle pipe on your MK7 GTI/Golf is constructed of plastic and is extremely narrow resulting in an airflow restriction. The Spulen pipe is constructed out of mandrel bent 2.5″ aluminum tubing. By utilizing 2.5” tubing your engine is able to breathe more efficiently. Along with increased efficiency, you will experience an increase in […] More…

APR Releases Software Upgrade for 1.2 TSI/TFSI Engines

posted by on 14 January 2015 in Aftermarket & Industry News

apr 12tsi 600x300

APR is pleased to present the ultimate engine control unit (ECU) upgrade for the 1.2 TSI / TFSI engine! APR’s ECU upgrade is available in octane-specific variations and is conveniently flashed to the vehicle’s factory ECU through the OBD-II port without any physical modification to the factory ECU. The ECU’s Continental SIMOS 10.x engine management […] More…

USP Releases Spulen 2.5L Brake Vacuum Pump Delete Kit!

posted by on 9 January 2015 in Aftermarket & Industry News

se 095 1 600x300

The braking system on your vehicle requires constant vacuum to assist in applying the brakes. Traditionally this vacuum is achieved by plumbing the brake booster to the engine’s intake manifold. This provides the needed vacuum to assist in applying the brakes. However, vehicles equipped with the 2.5L engine do not receive vacuum from the intake […] More…

UroTuning Releases Stealth Oil Catch Can for 2.0T FSI Applications

posted by on 8 January 2015 in Aftermarket & Industry News

urotuning960 600x300

UroTuning today announced the release of their new Mk5 2.0T FSI Catch Can Kits with AN fitting lines.  Designed to delete the stock PCV, add a boost port and eliminate gunk making its way to your intake, the UroTuning Catch Can Kit is a worthwhile addition to any 2.0T FSI powered car.  The kit is available in the purchaser’s […] More…

Audi 2.5 TFSI-Powered Donkervoort D8 GTO Bilster Berg Edition Is the Caterham on Crack You’ve Always Wanted

posted by on 8 January 2015 in Aftermarket & Industry News

donkervoort d8 gto bilster berg edition 2 960 600x300

For many, Donkervoort’s 2.5 TFSI-powered D8 is more than enough.  It’s a sort-of Caterham on crack- 400hp, 450 Nm (331 lb-ft)  of torque available at just 1600rpms and weighing in at a scant 700 kilograms (1543lbs).  Luckily for those who were never fans of complacency, the minds at Donkervoort have revealed a new model with […] More…

B&B Automobiletechnik Boosts European Passat Bi-TDI Performance

posted by on 7 January 2015 in Aftermarket & Industry News

B B passat 600x300

The all-new European Passat is a pretty interesting proposition for tuners and owners alike, available with a Bi-TDI producing 240hp and nearly 400 lb-ft of torque directly from the showroom floor.  German tuning firm B&B Automobiltechnik has decided that this just isn’t quite enough power, and set their sites on extracting a bit extra power […] More…