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Find of the Day: 1991 Volkswagen Jetta Carat

posted by on 19 August 2014 in Find Of the Day

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With first generation cars becoming more and more scarce, we’re finally beginning to see second generation Golf and Jetta models get the attention they deserve.  The level of customization present on many MK2 builds is quite impressive, and today’s Find of the Day is no exception. With most current builds, there is an intense amount […] More…

Find of the Day: 1.8T Powered BMW 325i

posted by on 14 August 2014 in Find Of the Day

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Ok, so it’s not a Volkswagen, but we still think it’s worthy.  What we have here, is an e30 generation BMW 325i mated to the Volkswagen Group’s highly tunable 1.8T four cylinder, and sending power to the rear wheels.  Heads in The Car Lounge just might explode. This car is the result of what the […] More…

Find of the Day: MK2 GTI VRT Syncro

posted by on 13 August 2014 in Find Of the Day

ubehyzy3 960 600x300

No need for foreplay on this one, so let’s just cut to the chase.  This GTI has got to be insane. With a turbocharged VR6 under the hood with 25 pounds of boost, and with a rear subframe fabricated to accept a syncro all-wheel-drive system, we can only imagine what the driving experience will be […] More…

Find of the Day: One Owner 1984 Volkswagen Rabbit GTI

posted by on 12 August 2014 in Find Of the Day

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All enthusiasts suffer from something called ‘boredom’.  Due to this shared ailment, we are often thinking of what or next wheels, modification, or car will be- sometimes just days after we’ve picked out the last one.  Luckily, some do not have to live under the influence of boredom and are able to keep a car […] More…

Find of the Day: 1992 Volkswagen Corrado SLC

posted by on 11 August 2014 in Find Of the Day

corrado fotd 600x300

It’s not often that we get a ‘Find of the Day’ tip from our readers, but we certainly appreciate when it does happen.  Especially if it’s one that is this promising.  Low miles?  Check.  Reasonably priced?  Check.  Desirable?  Check. This 53,000 original mile Corrado SLC is currently for sale on eBay with a high bid […] More…

Find of the Day: 2004 Volkswagen Touareg

posted by on 8 August 2014 in Find Of the Day

touareg 600x300

What do you do with an SUV when you live in Miami?  Well, you put Porsche Cayenne flares, 24″ Wheels, Coilover suspension and Brembo brakes on it apparently.  Today’s Find of the Day is one of the most aggressive looking Touaregs I’ve ever seen. Lowered on the aforementioned Coilover suspension and featuring Brembo brakes all […] More…