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Find of the Day: 1959 Karmann Ghia

posted by on 11 September 2014 in Find Of the Day

karmann ghia fotd 600x300

With it’s sleek body lines originally penned by Ghia and bodywork performed by Karmann, the Karmann Ghia was and still is an extremely pretty car.  A rear engine layout made it quintessentially Volkswagen, but the higher asking price deterred some potential buyers, putting the car into a very interesting spot in the marketplace.  This could be […] More…

Find of the Day: 1965 Volkswagen Squareback

posted by on 9 September 2014 in Find Of the Day

fotd sqback 960 600x300

Of the early Volkswagens the Squareback seems to be the least loved, but then again, when your siblings are global icons, it is an easy classification to fall into. This doesn’t mean that the Squareback isn’t a cool or interesting car though, as it’s quite the opposite.  Gladly some enthusiasts seem to share in our feelings, like […] More…

Find of the Day: 1976 Volkswagen Rabbit

posted by on 4 September 2014 in Find Of the Day

rabbitfotd 600x300

It seems that as of late, the first generation Golf and GTI have begun to ascend in value, which is something that we think is long overdue.  After all, the early cars laid the groundwork for a small, economical car that has seen success over its seven successful generations.  With that in mind, today’s Find […] More…

Find of the Day- 28k Original Mile 1987 Volkswagen Cabrio

posted by on 3 September 2014 in Find Of the Day

fotd cab 600x300

I recently returned from the reveal of the all-new Volvo XC90 on behalf of our sister site Swedespeed, where we spent nearly a day at Ericsson’s headquarters talking about the future of media integration in automobiles.  I must say, while the talk was extremely fascinating and there are some really cool features on the horizon, […] More…

Find of the Day- Volkswagen Jetta 1.8T Syncro

posted by on 22 August 2014 in Find Of the Day

mk3fotd 600x300

Interesting swaps seem to be a staple of our “Find of the Day” features, and this certainly fits the bill. Back in 2010, Canada’s Shift Autosport took a run-of-the mill MK3 Jetta, and swap in an AWP code 1.8T motor, then add the syncro system from a Passat for good measure. With the 1.8T swapped […] More…

Find of the Day: 1991 Volkswagen Jetta Carat

posted by on 19 August 2014 in Find Of the Day

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With first generation cars becoming more and more scarce, we’re finally beginning to see second generation Golf and Jetta models get the attention they deserve.  The level of customization present on many MK2 builds is quite impressive, and today’s Find of the Day is no exception. With most current builds, there is an intense amount […] More…