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Find of the Day: 1991 Volkswagen Jetta GL Coupe

posted by on 27 January 2015 in Find Of the Day

coupe 600x300

The desert is a weird place.  The warm, dry climate can either completely trash a car, or keep it almost perfectly preserved with a little effort and the occasional wax.  Today’s Find of the Day definitely falls into the latter of those two categories. This incredibly clean Mk2 Jetta Coupe currently resides in Barstow, California, a […] More…

Find of the Day: 2015 Volkswagen Golf TDI

posted by on 26 January 2015 in Find Of the Day

gtd 960 600x300

We don’t normally feature new cars in our Find of the Day, but this isn’t a typical new car.  Volkswagen of Fort Meyers have dug deep in the VW Accessories parts catalog, going just about as OEM+ as you can get to create a close representation of what many of you want, but can’t have just yet. […] More…

Find of the Day: 1991 Volkswagen Golf GTD

posted by on 21 January 2015 in Find Of the Day

GTD fotd 600x300

It seems that as of recent, there is an incredible influx of mind-blowing builds that have come up for sale.  Blame it on the winter, or people simply looking to move on, but it is clearly a buyer’s market.  This Mk2 Golf GTD is just the latest example of this observation, and that’s why it’s […] More…

Find of the Day: 1964 Volkswagen Type 3 Notchback

posted by on 20 January 2015 in Find Of the Day

type3 fotd 600x300

When your older siblings are both cult icons as two of the longest-running and highest selling vehicles of all time, it’s hard to match their impact.  This unavoidable fact places the Type 3 in a very interesting place within the Volkswagen enthusiast scene, helping this example to earn Find of the Day status. Currently for sale on eBay […] More…

Find of the Day: 1965 Volkswagen Bus

posted by on 15 January 2015 in Find Of the Day

bus limo 600x300

Today’s Find of the Day is a bit of an oddity.  It checks all the right boxes when it comes to what most look for in a vintage Bus- bright two-tone paint job, safari windows, and white wall tires.  It also happens to be a limousine, which the seller claims is the only 33-window bus in […] More…

Find of the Day: 1987 Volkswagen Scirocco

posted by on 7 January 2015 in Find Of the Day

scirocco fotd 600x300

Even with glowing reviews like the one we posted yesterday from Motorweek, not everyone in 1987 opted for the 16V Scirocco. Some thought that the 8V was more than enough to get by, putting their money on a lesser spec model but in turn getting a car that was more difficult to come by. Today’s Find of […] More…