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Video: Onboard with Scott Speed at Red Bull Global Rallycross: New York

posted by on 23 July 2014 in Videos

Screen Shot 2014 07 23 at 10.12.05 AM 600x300

GRC Driver, X Games Legend and all-around good guy Bucky Lasek once said that Red Bull Global Rallycross was like “a bar fight with cars.”  After watching this onboard video of Volkswagen Andretti Rallycross driver Scott Speed, we’d have to agree.  Contact comes early and often during the three-minute video, all while Scott stays incredibly […] More…

Video: Radial Engine Built From Aircooled Volkswagen Parts

posted by on 22 July 2014 in Videos

radial aircooled 600x300

Typically used in early aircraft, Radial Engines utilize a single crankshaft which forces the pistons to “radiate” outward.  Over the years, many radial engines have been produced but we must say that this is the first that we have seen that was assembled using parts from Aircooled Volkswagen engines. In total, the engine displaces 2086ccs […] More…

Video: MotorWeek’s Original 1983 Volkswagen Rabbit GTI Review

posted by on 11 July 2014 in Videos

Screen Shot 2014 07 11 at 9.39.58 AM 600x300

As part of the Throwback Thursday phenomena, long-running television review program MotorWeek has uploaded their original review of the first-generation GTI.  While the quality is understandably off, their commentary is spot on.  At one point, they suggest that buyers purchase their cars without Air Conditioning- how the times have changed. Check out the full video […] More…

Video: Big Turbo Volkswagen Jetta Takes On Pikes Peak

posted by on 2 July 2014 in Videos

Screen Shot 2014 07 02 at 12.04.04 PM 600x300

Our Fifth Generation Golf and Jetta forum has been home to a build thread for the last few months that is a bit atypical to say the least.  User VWR79 and Canadian Performance shop Shift Autosport have taken a perfectly good Volkswagen Jetta show car, and repurposed it with the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb […] More…

Video: Mads Mikkelsen Chases Porsche 911 In a Volkswagen Golf, Drives off a Cliff

posted by on 23 June 2014 in Videos

mads river jump 600x300

It’s Monday.  More specifically it’s the Monday after this author covered a Motorsports event and the launch of the new Beetle GRC, a weekend that was filled with activities that do not include sleeping.  With that said, this morning my mind started to wander and through my usual internet searches I stumbled upon the picture above. […] More…

Video: APR Takes Their Seventh Generation GTI on a Road Trip

posted by on 19 June 2014 in Videos

APR Roadtrip mk7 600x300

There are very few things more fun than a road trip.  Not long after taking delivery of their seventh generation GTI, APR decided it was time for one such road trip, so they flashed the car with performance software, installed new wheels and tires, and hit the road.  Their final destination?  New Orleans, Louisiana. As […] More…