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Video: Watch Porsche Build a 918 Spyder

posted by on 30 December 2014 in Videos

porsche 918 assembly 600x300

By now we’ve surely all picked our favorite from the trio of hybrid supercars released earlier this year, and have almost assuredly seen the cars in action via the many YouTube review videos out there.  What many of us haven’t seen though, is the most intriguing part- the physical nut-and-bolt construction of these cars. Uploaded […] More…

Video: VR6 Turbo Runs Quarter Mile in 8 Seconds

posted by on 29 December 2014 in Videos

vr6turbo8s 600x300

Despite not being the most obvious choice for drag racing, many Volkswagen owners have worked tirelessly to make their cars cover the 1320ft sprint as quickly as possible.  We see them each year at events like Waterfest; small economy cars launching down the racetrack at impossible speeds, never failing to impress.  It goes without saying then, that […] More…

Video: Tuned Golf GTI Beats Cayman GTS, BMW M4 Around Racetrack

posted by on 23 December 2014 in Videos

GTI Hotlap 600x300

Using the GTI as their starting point, the aftermarket has been able to create some pretty remarkable things.  Through lightweight components, stiffer suspension bits, software trickery and good ol’ fashioned bolt ons, the already competent performer can run circles around cars that compete in much more expensive circles.  A video we recently came across shows […] More…

Video: Golf R Blitzes Quarter Mile in 10.5 Seconds

posted by on 22 December 2014 in Videos

golf r record 600x300

The Golf R has been a hotbed for tuning since its release, due to a potent (yet highly modifiable) 2.0T and Haldex all-wheel-drive system.  While it was always a fairly quick car, tuners quickly found ways to make more power and quickly overwhelm more than a few stock clutches.  Still, a nearly four second improvement […] More…

Video: Boba Motoring’s 1150hp Golf Transmission Test

posted by on 17 December 2014 in Videos

boba motoring accel 960 600x300

Boba Motoring has installed a DogBox transmission into their 1150hp all-wheel-drive Mk2 Golf, so naturally it needed a quick testing, and in true Boba Motoring fashion, video cameras were involved.  At this point, I’m not quite sure if the cameras’ primary use is to capture video for public consumption, or as proof that Volkswagens this quick actually […] More…

Video: Polo Hillclimb Assault

posted by on 16 December 2014 in Videos

hillclimb 960 600x300

Hillclimb racing translates extremely well to the YouTube format, as runs are generally quick, both in duration and in velocity. The cars are extremely focused, including numerous functional enhancements for downforce and power, making all the right noises. Pair these time-attack style builds with a few cameras staged on a race route, and you’re guaranteed to get […] More…