Worthersee 2014 Photo Gallery: Day 10

The action in Worthersee has been going for ten days now, and Si Gray has been there to cover it all.  As the show gets closer, his schedule is becoming more hectic with scheduled shoots for other outlets, but he was still able to get some time in at the world’s most photographed ENI station.2014-Worthersee-Day-10-Si-Gray-371

The station is always a key meeting point with a steady stream of people coming to grab petrol, or just hang out.  It also helps that the ENI station is a great place to sit beside the road and watch cars drive by, much like 45th Street during H20i.


Si will be back at it again for day 11, with many more pictures of the action in and around Worthersee.  As always, check out today’s photos below and the complete gallery can be found on the right side of this page.