Worthersee 2014 Photo Gallery: Day 9

It’s rather insane when you think about it. Si Gray has been on the ground at Worthersee for no less than ten days. In that span of time, SoWo has gone off in Georgia, Carlisle Import has happened in Pennsylvania and there’s been a DTM race in Oschersleben. Even crazier, the main convergence on this little Austrian town is still a week away.


Not surprisingly, Si is sleep deprived. He reports that he’s falling asleep whilst photo cards download at the end of very long days or nights… not sure as they’ve merged together.


Looking through the photos, we’re convinced that Worthersee has evolved into a real world version of the Forza Horizon video game, with open virtual world automotive festival going on endlessly as you chase down in-game experience.


Head out to a gathering (or 10). Check.

Climb a winding road to a mountain top tower. Check.

Pause game for photo shoot (or 10). Check.

Hang out in downtown city center and check out cars. Check.


Other than lack  of car-bashing road races and the fact that Forza doesn’t allow for swapping of OE wheels between cars (maybe they should), we’d be pretty much convinced.


We’re heading over next week ourselves, but in the meantime we can’t get enough of the photos from UK contributor Si Gray. The latest Si Gray shots for today’s gallery can be found embedded below within this story. Check out our massive and ever-growing event photo archive linked in the usual spots to the right and also at the very bottom of this story. Also check out our dedicated Worthersee 2014 section linked in the Related Articles tab to the right of this story.