Worthersee Photo Gallery: Day 14

We are now two solid weeks into our Worthersee coverage and our own George Achorn is on the ground to cover the show as well as the manufacturer’s displays.  With the event finally getting underway and Volkswagen unveiling more than a few concept vehicles for the attendees, today was a busy one.  In total, George clicked his shutter no less than 800 times today.  Lets get started.


Vision Gran Turismo GTI

Powered by a 3.0 liter twin-turbo TSI making 503hp, the Vision Gran Turismo was originally designed to specifically be a CGI-only fantasy playable in Gran Turismo 6.  Luckily for the fans at Worthersee, Volkswagen decided to produce a full size model, complete with a 4 Motion all wheel drive system and seven-speed DSG transmission.  The Vision Gran Turismo GTI’s proportions differ greatly from the standard car- the concept has a shorter wheelbase, a much lower height and is nearly 4 inches wider.  Gamers can expect to get their hands on the car when it comes to Gran Turismo 6 next month.


GTI Wolfsburg Edition 

Conceptualized and constructed by Volkswagen Apprentices, the GTI Wolfsburg Edition has the honor of being the first production-based seventh generation concept car built specifically for Worthersee.  With the apprentices having full run of the Volkswagen parts bin, the 375hp GTI Wolfsburg is very much something that could be constructed by a private owner.  The car is powered by the 2.0 TSI currently used in the Golf R, and has improved aerodynamics, larger brakes, custom paint, a 2170 watt stereo, and a hand-crafted center console.


Amarok Power Concept

With 5000 watts and DJ equipment designed to store neatly in the bed, you could say that the Amarok Power Concept is a party on wheels.  Aside from the DJ equipment, the outside has a custom Deep Gray Metallic paint job and orange accents, and is finished off with custom gunmetal wheels.  The Gray and Orange them carries through to the interior as well, and can be seen on the custom-upholstered Recaro-style seats and dashboard.


The Main Event

Once George made from the manufacturer displays to the event parking around Reifnitz, he was greeted with pure madness.  As cars began rolling in two weeks ago specifically for the event and its lead up activities, there is quite a lot to see.


Not only are there a ton of cars scattered throughout the town of Reifnitz, but there are also thousands of enthusiasts wandering around from lot to lot.  With a great mixture of scenery and some of the most insanely modified Volkswagens and Audis in Europe in attendance, we can see why people come from all over for the event.


Since Reifnitz is completely closed during the event (you need to pay to get in), one might say that the town is a Volkswagen enthusiast’s heaven.  All we know is that we can’t wait to get back next year.


We will continue to upload photos over the weekend and format our galleries all weekend, and post a recap very shortly once all of the pictures are in the correct places.  In the meantime, be sure to check out the photos that have been uploaded, right here.