Campbelltown Dust Off 3

It’s not like Campbelltown, PA is a one stoplight town. It’s got two stoplights, a mini market or two, a specialty beer joint and a gun shop. If you swing through in the fall you’ll find a flourishing pumpkin farm, but we prefer to swing by in the Spring for Dust Off.


Now in its third year, Dust Off kicks the Northeast’s show season off as likely the earliest show of any real measure. It’ll be weeks before SoWo and most cars not used as daily drivers are barely out of hibernation.  We have a few hundred photos from the event, so be sure to swing by our full gallery.


Weather at Dust Off can go either way. Given this is PA (Pee-Aye to locals, Pennsylvania to newbs) and this off-season’s weather is best known for its permeation of the Polar Vortex, weather could (and often does) go either way on such an early show. Fortunately, the Polar Vortex stayed away while most in attendance worked on their first show burn of the season.


About 350 cars turned up for the event… not exactly Waterfest, but frankly much more intimate and relaxed than such a big and heavily marketed event. Hell, attendance was $1, showing your car would have run you $5 and vendor space tipped the scales at $25. Squeak in behind the Turkey Hill convenience mart and you likely even ducked such a minor price of admission.


As you might expect given the scene as of late, the show field was dominated by a mix of air and water-cooled VWs, Audis and the mix of vintage BMWs and gen 1 Miatas that have also become part of the family.


Given the lax atmosphere, Dust Off had a steady stream of cars coming and going throughout the day, which proved to keep things fresh and interesting… though may prove reason for complaint by owners who didn’t make it into our event photo gallery but managed a beer run or a slushy at the aforementioned Turkey Hill.


Check out our gallery right here to see more from the event, and keep an eye out for more event coverage throughout the coming show season.