Cult Classic 2014

Now in its ninth year, Cult Classic is one of the most laid back shows on our calendar. Organized by Nothing Leaves Stock’s Josh Paashaus, the event always boasts a turnout which includes many of the most well-executed builds in the region, without falling victim to the types of shenanigans found at larger shows.


As usual, the weather cooperated for the show and all attendees were greated with ample sunshine without being oppressively hot.  The weather did however create the perfect conditions for an excessive amount of dirt to be kicked up by vehicles driving in and out of the show field, but no one seemed to mind.


Cult Classic opens itself up to nearly all cars from hot rods to limited production sports cars, so while the attendees are overwhelmingly from the Volkswagen Group, there are a good variety of vehicles present.  Of note, the newly released Magnus Walker fifteen52 wheels found their way onto the show field bolted to a black Porsche 911.


Check out our entire gallery right here, and stay tuned for more event coverage throughout the coming months.