December 05 Tampa, FL GTG

December 05, 2004 – Tampa, Florida – Hubert “Michel” Dorsaint is a man who had a simple dream: to share his passion for his newly-acquired R32 with others by organizing a getogether/dyno day for R32s. Seems reasonable enough, and after a few weeks the gears were turning and all was going according to plan. But plans change, and in Hubert’s case, a multitude of times. The date was pushed back three or four times, and when it finally seemed like everything was kosher, the dyno operator backed out due to family problems.

Not easily defeated, Hubert called up his friends at Lokey VW in Clearwater, Florida. It just so happened they were hosting their own version of a winter treffen and were more than happy to accommodate the barrage of R32 owners looking for something to do. Minus the missing dyno part, everyone seemed to have a good time. A certain Keith Lucas, aka Greanhouse, and his band of merry men (and women) from Pensacola were on hand to do some chip tuning, and eight or so R32s left that evening with a few more ponies under the bonnet courtesy of APR programming.

Tampa’s very own VWFixx crew was in attendance, showing their support for the VW community. Justin Welty was more than willing to show off the latest goodies for his project car, and as always, the car attracted a plethora of stares.

The show itself boasted a commendable number of cars, filling up Lokey’s front lot to the brim. While most of the R32s were in line to get chipped, the rest of the field was made up of models ranging from Corrados to GLIs. Classic Camber’s super-clean aircooled Beetle was certainly some refreshing eye candy, and a certain two-tone Mk3 four-door Golf caught my attention as well. A turbo Rabbit, Eurotech Racing’s VR6 Beetle, a Mk2 GTI VR6, and a carbureted Mk2 GTI were also in attendance, making this little meet impressive and horsepower-friendly to say the least.

The staff at Lokey was very inviting and got into the fun as well. They handed out schwag via a raffle, and got a good feel for the tuning community by roaming their very own lot. One of the salesmen proudly displayed his sweet black 20th Anniversary Edition; featuring just about every European part you can think of, as well as a dual-intercooler setup from a TT.

After speaking to Mr. Dorsaint, it is plain to see he remains undaunted about the setbacks, as he fully intends on hosting a huge R32 meet one way or another. He expects to take another crack at it in the spring, so look for his thread in the Southeast Forum.

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