Early Edition 2014

Organized by the same group behind Edition 38, Early Edition is now in its fourth year.  Much like Edition 38, the show is the kind of place where trends are set.  Many of England’s most extremely modified Volkswagens are put on display here, and as usual, the Brits do not disappoint when it comes to their cars.  Early Edition proves to give a good preview of what will be seen at the other events across Europe this show season.

Our man abroad Si Gray was there to take it all in, and send back shots of the more extreme and interesting Volkswagens in attendance.


The trend that stands out the most is the widespread use of aftermarket seats.  It seems that most on the show field had retrimmed Recaros, or seats swapped in from other vehicles such as Maserati and even Lamborghini installed in their cars.  We happen to love the look and functionality of this, and look forward to see how the trend effects other events like Wörthersee as well as events here in the US.


Pushing this level of modification is the need to stand out in a sea of so many truly impressive builds.  Even the ‘typical’ engine swaps and OEM+ touches we often see are executed with a higher level of attention to detail. Carbon Fiber Radiator supports, increasingly intricate airbag suspension installs and even the trophies cannot escape this level of detail.


Be sure to check out all of Si’s shots in our gallery, and stay tuned for more European event coverage as the show season rolls on.