European Event Coverage: MIVW Treffen

Welcome to our series coverage of the European 2005 event schedule.

The European 2005 VW/Audi show and treffen season is finally upon us, and no doubt this means we North Americans will get a glimpse at what new styles and technologies will take the European continent by storm. Like it or not, what’s happening across The Pond is bound to make it over here at one point or another, so pay attention if you’re keeping score.

VWvortex is pleased to announce we’re partnering with in providing our readers the very latest and greatest coverage of some killer Euro events for 2005. Some will be huge, and others will be but mere informal GTGs, but the point is that we hope to provide an unparalleled slice of the Euro show scene for those of you unable to see such things for yourself.

Next up is coverage of the 2nd International MIVW Treffen which took place August 14, in Leiden, The Netherlands (near Amsterdam).

MIVW is an exclusive European VW club and its initials stand for, shockingly enough, Men In VWs. According to their website, there are some 17 members and a couple of these members include such illustrious names as Emiel Kooistra and “Big Ron” Huyser.

Fellow member Marc and I drove to the event in Marc’s 25th Anniversary Golf IV GTi. Marc lives in Hannover, Germany, which meant our journey to Leiden was some 500 km! But, man, was it worth it!

Aside from the massive Wörthersee Treffen, the MIVW event was the best one of the year so far. In my opinion, Dutch and Belgian VWs are at the top of the game this year because their style is so clean and simple. Another reason I think these cars rule 2005 is because nothing really new has come out of northern Germany this year, and southern Germany is still too caught up in two-tone paint jobs and wild graphics – that style is okay if not overdone, but there are simply too many of them and too many that are too crazy for my tastes.

The drive to the treffen was horrible – rain, rain, rain. And on the way home? More rain… But the event saw nothing but sunshine! Some 300 cars attended. And there were two new car presentations: A purple MkI Cabrio with 1.8T, TT dash, Porsche wheels (and Porsche bolt pattern on the arches!); and a grey MkI Golf VR6 with 16 inch BBS split rims – both cars were amazing!

All in all it was a great event, and to make it even better, my buddy Marc won 1st Place in the Mk4 Golf Show and Shine!

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