Event: 2007 Tuning World Bodensee

When it comes to the European aftermarket, Tuning World Bodensee is the second most important show of the year, right behind the Essen Motor Show. More a corporate event than the usual gathering of enthusiasts, Bodensee offers plenty of new offerings to see from the wide range of European tuners. Now in its fifth year, this year’s Tuning World show marked twenty nine world premieres for the German and European aftermarkets.

As usual, the biggest European tuning companies were on display, the ranging from A (Abt) to Z (Zender). A total of 264 exhibiting automotive tuning providers, auto and tire makers, and accessory vendors unveiled the latest trends and technologies at the show. Also, more than 150 car clubs presented more than 200 privately owned cars. The show featured a total of about 1,000 vehicles, with two of the hottest new vehicles seen all around the show being the latest generation Audi TT and Mercedes C-Class.

For car-tuning clubs, Tuning World Bodensee is a key event. Once again, this year the club halls were completely booked up. At 152 booths, car-tuning clubs from Hungary, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria and Germany displayed their most stunning automotive creations and awards were given to the most spectacular stands.

While viewing the car-tuning clubs’ original cars plus the approximately 200 private cars on display, trade show visitors had multiple opportunities to exchange ideas and know-how.

In addition to the industry side, this event is more like a big and very well-planned get-together of car clubs for all different car brands. Still, the VW and Audi scene makes more than 50% of all car clubs who present in the show halls.

This date on the event calendar is often used to present cars, just built during the winter, to the general public, the media and of course the corporate manufacturers. Many business relationships are begun at the Tuning World Bodensee. Show organizers plan evening events for the vendors and attendees like an Ibiza dance party held on Saturday, a Mallorca party with party music on Sunday and a big stand-up comedy evening on Monday.

The trend in Europe’s tuning secene still seems to be flashy body paint and big chrome wheels. Even the well-known tuners are going for the bling style with their very large diameter wheels and huge bodykits. Still, in between those masses of cars were a few pearls of true beauty. Nicely built Mk1 GTI’s, Pirelli Golfs, air-cooled beetles and even an old Audi rally car were seen. A particularly nice find was a Volkswagen Polo built by Sorg Motorsport with 308hp at only 760kg of weight.

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