Event Coverage: 2005 VAPOR/TSS Midwest BBQ

It’s finally that time of year again in the Midwest, a time of year that everyone was looking forward to for six months. It’s the official start to the Midwest GTG/Show/Racing season. For the last couple of years it began with one big GTG, and whether it was at a park or on top of a shopping mall parking garage, it officially signaled the beginning of fun around the Midwest.

This year, rather than just a big GTG, the guys and girls from the Volkswagen Audi Partnership of Rockford (VAPOR), DubWerks and The Speed Shop decided to invite people from around the area up to The Speed Shop for a day-long BBQ and GTG.

Normally, the fun part of an event is the actual event itself, however that was only half the fun on this occasion. With the majority of the VW tuning community making the 1.5-hour cruise from Chicago up to Rockford, IL, this time much of the fun revolved around the journey. We had a few reports of police intervention, and even a broken transmission, however all ended well with everyone getting to The Speed Shop in due time.

Once there, Dubbers were greeted with numerous cars of different makes, models, and eras, along with Dubwerks flash-loading GIAC software and giving out technical advice on the latest modding products, The Speed Shop offering paint-less dent removal along with an open house of their premises and answers to any question imaginable, and a variety of BBQ goodies for the hungry crowd to devour.

Overall the GTG was the main event, and with the weather participating with a scorching 60+ degrees, people came from the surrounding 5 states to participate. It was a great way to start the Midwest season, and hopefully this will be an ongoing annual event, rather than another part of a long list of locations for the first big GTG of the season.

Thanks go out to everyone that helped make it so much fun, especially:

The VAPOR Club for being such gracious hosts and organizers of the event; The Speed Shop for providing a great location, along with the catering for the event; Dubwerks for making the drive, helping enthusiasts out with questions and for catering; and all the Dubbers from around the Midwest for making it so much fun!

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