Event Coverage: A1 Invasion

It’s a little ironic that the Harrisburg Area Volkswagen Owner’s Club (HAVOC) chose Hershey, Pennsylvania as the location for their ‘A1 Invasion’ event. The town is home to the candy company by the same name, a business that has notably increased its sales over the past year or two by creating limited edition runs of its popular candy bars such as white chocolate Peanut Butter Cups and mint Kisses. There’s irony there, because the ‘A1 Invasion’ is a limited edition and, just like with the Hershey Chocolate Company, this kind of exclusivity may have helped sway a few A1 owners in the direction of Chocolatetown, USA.

Limited edition? What’s that you say? The story I get from HAVOC is that they plan an ongoing series of ‘Invasion’ shows, but they’ll change the featured model up from event to event. Next year might be Type IIIs, or Corrados. You never know. But, if you have one of the cars HAVOC chooses to feature, you’ll want to make sure you add the HAVOC event to your calendar.

Despite being held on the same day as Deutsche Werks, an all-German event just up I-81 in Wilkes Barre, PA, the A1 Invasion managed to draw a healthy number of the first generation water-cooled VWs. Upwards of eighty Rabbits, Jettas and Sciroccos came out for the event, from as far away as New Hampshire, Ohio and Virginia.

One of the oldest cars on hand was a pristine 1976 Scirocco, though there were plenty of other rarities like Champagne Edition Cabriolets and even an Etienne Aigner edition droptop. The highest mileage car on hand had a meager 300,000 plus miles on it.

As noted, the event was held on the grounds of the Food Factory, just outside of Hershey on route 22, less than a mile up the road from the Antique Automobile Club of America’s own vintage car museum. The Food Factory backs onto a golf course, and it was cool to see golfers make their shots in the backdrop of a serious collection of original Golfs.

As if eighty cars weren’t enough to prove there’s enough energy for a show just about A1s, the show turned out a decent group of vendors befitting some larger shows. Several used parts vendors were on hand in addition to businesses that cater to these early cars such as RabbitParts.com and MK1 Autohaus.

Even better, the event was held for a good cause. All proceeds from the event were donated to the Ronald McDonald House of Hershey, PA. This house provides lodging for families of sick kids who are being treated by the Hershey Medical Center, a major hospital for the central Pennsylvania region.

If you missed it, I’m sorry. Just like dark chocolate Kit Kats, this is one treat that you’ll just have to wait for. It may come around again, just don’t miss it when it does.

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