Event Coverage: CVO Midwest Treffen 2009

For the twelfth year in a row, the Chicago Volkswagen Organization has hosted in Midwest Treffen car show. The show, which is relatively small compared to monster events like WaterFest and H2O, continues to draw VW and Audi enthusiasts from all over the Midwest. The atmosphere is appropriately laid-back, casual and hospitable, in true Midwestern tradition, without the air of competitive tension that exists in a lot of the coastal events.

The showfield at Treffen is typically representative of the Midwest as well — sparsely populated with plenty of room to spread out. What may appear on the surface like a haphazard placement of vehicles is actually a well-organized (if somewhat unpredictable) arrangement. Cars are grouped by class, and they are directed to back into their assigned spots back-to-back, every other space. The layout allows plenty of room for spreading out displays and for spectators to really see the cars in their entirety and take pictures of whole cars.

This year’s event was typical in turnout, but notable for the number of clean, well-executed early cars. Numerous Mk 1 Cabbies were on display sporting fresh paint and spotless custom interiors. A handful of Caddies were also on hand, along with a few clean Rabbits. Audis, particularly A4s and S4, were also abundant this year, perhaps because the very active Audi Car Club Chicago Chapter (ACCCC) did not have a competing driving event on the same date.

Local tuning shop GRD Performance showed up with their portable dyno and ran performance analysis for attendees. Volkswagen of America even made an appearance this year, carting out a Golf VI and GTI VI for display.

VWvortex shot pictures of the show, but more information is available on the show website, midwesttreffen.org.

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